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A black badge used by members of Section 31 in the mid-23rd century

Section 31 is a rogue organization that violates the law and ethics of the Federation in the course of defending Federation interests. Section 31 is distinct from Starfleet Intelligence, and is considered more of a counterpart to the Tal Shiar and Obsidian Order than Starfleet Intelligence due to its extra-judicial operations.

While they report to no one and are not sanctioned by Starfleet of the Federation, they are known to have enabling accomplices and supporters at the highest levels of the chain of command. In the 24th Century, Starfleet does not acknowledge the existence of Section 31 although it operated more openly during the 23rd Century.

Section 31 dates back to the founding of Starfleet on United Earth in the 22nd Century; its name derives from Section 31 of the Starfleet charter that grants extraordinary measures in times of extreme threat.

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