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A sector block is a grouping of two to four sectors in sector space. Currently players may physically visit certain sector blocks in Sector space in order to accept certain duty officer assignments that are only offered within specific sector blocks. Transitioning between neighboring sector blocks is seamless and they are not shown on space map in game anymore.

Old Usage[]

See Sector_space#Revisions for more information.

Previously, sector blocks also impacted the way players would physically navigate Sector space. To navigate to a sector block, the player would choose from several neighboring blocks on the map screen, where they appeared as solid white dots in the "Systems List". Sector block-based navigation was abolished in season 10, at which time they were also removed from in-game space map.


The below is a historic map of sector space prior to the removal of sector space walls. It is indicitive of where current sector block borders lie for the purpose of the doff system.

Sector blocks just before they were merged in Season 10.

Alpha Quadrant Sector Blocks[]

Zeta Andromedae
Beta Ursae
Alpha Trianguli
Orellius (added in season 2)

Beta Quadrant Sector Blocks[]

Iota Pavonis
Alpha Centauri
Psi Velorum
Gamma Orionis
No Sector Block
Sirius (off limits to KDF players)
Pi Canis
Eta Eridani
Omega Leonis (off limits to UFP players)
Tau Dewa (added in season 7)

Delta Quadrant Sector Blocks[]

Vyntadi (added with Delta Rising)
Tekara (added with Delta Rising)

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