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Romulan Star EmpireSela
Military Rank:
Incarcerated (2410)
Voiced by:
Denise Crosby

Sela was the Empress of the Romulan Star Empire from 2403 to 2409. The daughter of Natasha Yar and a Romulan general, she ruled the Empire with force, deceitfulness and charm.


Coming from an alternate timeline, Sela's mother, Lieutenant Yar, travels back in time to the year 2344 aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise-C. The ship tries to defend the Klingon outpost on Narendra III, but is eventually destroyed by the Romulan attackers. After Yar is captured, she becomes the consort of a Romulan General, giving birth to her daughter Sela one year later. At the age of four, Sela cries out, as her mother tries to escape Romulus with her, ripping her out of her familiar environment. Yar is subsequently sent to a penal colony and her young daughter, believing she'd been executed, completely rejects her Human heritage.

Sela begins a career in the Star Empire and rises quickly through the ranks of the Romulan military. As a Romulan Commander, she plays a pivotal role in the Empire's ambitious, yet failed, attempts to destabilize the Klingon Empire, disrupt the Khitomer Accords and sabotage Ambassador Spock's Unification movement in the 2360s.

Sela managed to become proconsul in 2384 and represented the Star Empire in a conference on Romulus in the following year, where she managed to reach an agreement with Admiral Taris of the Imperial Romulan State. Although Sela succeeded in peacefully folding back Taris' and Donatra's separatist state into the Star Empire, she loses a power struggle against the Tal Shiar, leading to her exile from Romulus in 2387. Four years later, her fleet reaches Makar, a world rich in natural resources in the Beta Quadrant. During her exile Sela also makes contact with the Hirogen, who lend her their military support in exchange for hunting rights in the Star Empire.

In 2403, Sela returns to the Star Empire and overthrows now-Praetor Taris, becoming new Praetor. Five years later, she reshapes the Empire into a monarchy, declaring herself Empress.

Missions involved[]

  • ROM “Turning Point”: In 2409, Empress Sela attends a conference on Khitomer about the establishment of a Romulan Republic colony on New Romulus. Sela declares Romulan and Reman splinter groups not aligned with the Star Empire (including the Romulan Republic under D'Tan as well as the Reman Resistance) to be terrorists, and deploys the Tal Shiar to hunt them down by any means necessary.
  • FED “Empress Sela”: In order to dissuade the Federation from its alliance with the Romulan Republic, Sela holds a peace conference between the Star Empire and the Federation in the Agrama System; however, the conference is a cover for an attack on Vulcan.
  • FED “Shadow Play”: The player finds a recording broadcast by Sela to citizens of the Romulan Star Empire, blaming the Romulan Republic for the destruction of the colony on Virinat.
  • ROM “Cloak and Dagger”: Sela enters the Delta Corvi System in her flagship, the I.R.W. Leahval, to take fugitive Reman Vrimek into custody.
  • FED “Taris”: Sela arrives in the Iconia System and demands Federation players to deliver Taris into her custody after she was captured for her role in the destruction of Romulus. However, the player instead transfers Taris to the U.S.S. Belfast to be given a Federation trial.
  • ROM “Mind Game”: Sela and Colonel Hakeev attempt to brainwash Romulan Republic players onboard the I.R.W. Khnial.
  • ALL “Cutting the Cord”: Sela washes her hands of Hakeev following the Reman Resistance's victory over the Tal Shiar in the Brea System. She then engages the attackers in the I.R.W. Leahval. After Sela is defeated she disappears as a mysterious vessel tows the Leahval through an Iconian gateway. The resulting power vacuum plunges the Empire even deeper into civil war and causes more elements of the remaining Imperial fleet to break away and defect.
  • ALL “What's Left Behind”: In 2410, players discover Sela aboard an Elachi subspace outpost accessed via the Nal Shadaan System in the Delta Quadrant. After assisting her in defeating the Elachi guards, she reveals that she has been a prisoner of the Iconians and shares important information on her captors. Sela is subsequently taken into Romulan Republic custody by Commander Tiaru Jarok, who points out that the former Empress will be made available for debriefings to the Federation and the Klingon Empire as well.
  • ALL “Uneasy Allies”: After escaping from Republic custody with the help of a reprogrammed Gaius Selan, Sela is confronted by the player in the Hobus System. When Sela claims to be attempting to activate the Iconian Gateway in the system to uncover the Iconians' intentions for the galaxy, the player and Kyla VanZyl reluctantly join forces with her. Together, they travel to the Nopada System, and discover that VanZyl has been infected by a Bluegill parasite. After defeating VanZyl, Sela and the player use the local Iconian Gateway to travel to a Dyson Sphere in the Andromeda Galaxy, where they discover Taris, who is watching an Iconian fleet so large that it completely blocks out the sphere's central star. Sela pushes Taris off a precipice, and is able to escape both the Iconians and the player's custody by using an Iconian Gateway.
  • ALL “Midnight”: Sela arrives in the Sol System commanding a fleet of Jem'Hadar warships, having convinced the Dominion to aid in the fight against the Iconians. She then accompanies the player and Captain Kagran into the past to preemptively eliminate the Iconian threat. When the player discovers the ancient civilization to be peaceful and aids in their escape, Sela fires on the Iconians, wounding L'Miren. T'Ket then vows revenge against the Romulans, making Sela ultimately responsible for the destruction of Romulus.
  • ALL “Survivor”: The player, accompanied by Daniels, locates Sela in the Sitor System and convince her to help them locate the survivors of the U.S.S. Enterprise-C in the Pictae System. While there, she discovers that her mother Tasha Yar was in fact not executed by her father, but lived out her life in the now-defunct Tal Shiar prison. Sela is again taken into custody by the Alliance and imprisoned at an undisclosed location. While there, she is visited by Data and requests that he tell her about her mother.

Other involvement[]

  • "Season 7 Dev Blog #6": The Federation News Service reveals that in the aftermath of Empress Sela's disappearance, fighting has broken out on multiple Romulan colony worlds. One Romulan, D'Tan, is calling for peace and reunification with the Vulcans.
  • ALL “Hidden Camera”: Khiana mentions Sela's disappearance during her negotiations with D'Tan.
  • "What's Left Behind": A message left by an unknown prisoner provides some details of Sela's fate following her disappearance in “Cutting the Cord”.
  • "Debriefing Session 28": Sela is interrogated by a representative of the Romulan Republic.
  • "Incident At Mol'Rihan Center": Sela's escape from the Romulan Republic's custody after her incarceration following “What's Left Behind”, and prior to the events of “Uneasy Allies”, is described.
  • Iconian Resistance Reputation: As players unlock each new tier of the Iconian Resistance Reputation, they are able to access transmissions from Sela via the Encoded Data Receiver:
    • Transmission One: Sela apologizes for fleeing from the player, but once again pledges to assist the player in the fight against the Iconians. She laments the fall of the Romulan people from a once-great Empire to what she describes as refugees and farmers, and vows vengeance against the Iconians.
    • Transmission Two: Sela informs the player that the current alliance against the Iconians will not be enough, and says that she will contact other forces who won't speak with the alliance: old enemies, and those who have "different viewpoints on the state of things."
    • Transmission Three: Sela reveals that she has passed through the "Prophets' gate" while on her search for allies. She says that while she has always considered being called "human" an insult, she has traveled farther than any human, and wonders what "she" would think of her now.
    • Transmission Four: Sela expresses frustration at the bureaucratic obstacles preventing her from speaking to the leaders she seeks.
    • Transmission Five: Sela claims to have been making progress, but the Heralds have arrived. Believing they are searching for her to stop her plans, Sela says she may not see the player again.
  • In Tales of the War #10, it is revealed that Gaius Selan has been searching for Sela in his spare time since the events of “Uneasy Allies”. Selan believes he has narrowed his search down to three sectors, using the messages Sela has been transmitting to the Iconian Resistance.
  • In Tales of the War #23, Sela attempts to leave Earth unnoticed following the end of the Iconian War, using the celebrations and some help from Qwen to slip away.


Denise Crosby recording lines for Star Trek Online at Cryptic Studios in 2012

  • Sela's asset was available in the Foundry, labeled "Romulan Ensign Female 04". The description reads, "Someone once told her she looked like Sela; he hasn't been heard from in a long while."
  • Sela's appearance was given a significant revamp with the Legacy of Romulus expansion. She was also given voice dialogue by Denise Crosby, the actress who portrayed Sela in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Her appearance was revamped yet again with the addition of “What's Left Behind” to be more accurate to the character's (and actress's) age.


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