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StarfleetSeven of Nine
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Military Rank:
Mission contact
Fenris Ranger
Birth year:
Voiced by:
Jeri Ryan

Seven of Nine (human name Annika Hansen), is a human former Borg drone, a prominent Federation researcher and member of the Fenris Rangers.


Annika Hansen was born in 2350 on Tandara colony. Her parents, Magnus and Erin Hansen, were Federation scientists who studied the Borg, long before first contact with them was officially established. In 2353 Annika Hansen accompanied her parents on one of their research missions. Three years into the mission, the Hansens were discovered and assimilated by the Collective. Annika became a Borg drone with the full designation Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01.

In 2374, Seven of Nine was utilized as a liaison between the Borg Collective and the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager when Kathryn Janeway offered a truce to address the larger threat of Species 8472. When the alliance broke down, the crew of Voyager cut Seven's link to the Collective. Over the following years, Seven would regain her identity and become a valuable member of Voyager's crew. In 2376 Seven's curiosity on an away mission lead to the reawakening of the Vaadwaur after 900 years in stasis. In 2378 Seven returned to Earth with the crew of Voyager.

In 2381, Seven was approached by Captain Jean-Luc Picard to join a task force against a renewed Borg threat. Seven was tasked with researching the technology brought back by Voyager from the Delta Quadrant. In 2385, Seven severed all her ties with Starfleet, in protest of the admiralty's decision of disbanding the Borg task force. Subsequently, Seven joined the Daystrom Institute. By 2399, Seven had joined the Fenris Rangers, a group of vigilantes operating in the now-defunct Romulan Neutral Zone in the Beta Quadrant with the aim of restoring order in the region following the destruction of the Romulan homeworld and the subsequent collapse of the Romulan Star Empire.

By 2410, Seven, at the request of Rear Admiral Tuvok, had joined Starfleet's efforts to explore the newly-accessible Delta Quadrant, joining a research team aboard the U.S.S. Callisto. Seven remained in regular contact with Kathryn Janeway, who had helped her regain her individuality during their shared time on Voyager.

Missions involved[]

  • ALL “Mindscape”: During a mind-meld with Tuvok, the player encounters an impression of Seven of Nine's katra, a remnant of a long-ago mind-meld she shared with Tuvok. She then aids the player in halting telepathic attacks from Eric Cooper.
  • ALL “Revelations”: The player responds to a distress call from the U.S.S. Callisto and discovers Seven to be among the few survivors. She then accompanies the player to the Turei homeworld which is under attack by the Vaadwaur. Seven is surprised to find the Vaadwaur having become such a powerful military force in the region.
  • ALL “Alliances”: Seven is tasked with persuading the Cooperative to join the Delta Alliance to counter the threat of the Vaadwaur.
  • ALL “Revolution”: Seven accompanies the player on a mission to expose the neural parasites infesting the Vaadwaur leadership.

Seven of Nine with three fellow members of The Cooperative at Delta Quadrant Command

  • ALL “Takedown”: Seven accompanies the Cooperative in the battle for the Vaadwaur homeworld. After the battle, she talks about the events that led to the Vaadwaur's resurgence and defeat, blaming herself since she awoke the first of the Vaadwaur from stasis over 30 years before.
  • ALL “What's Left Behind”: In the astrometrics lab on Voyager, Seven assists the player in analyzing the device recovered from Gaul's command center on Vaadwaur Prime.
  • ALL “Broken Circle”: Seven confers with Nog and Krenim scientist Noye on board the Kyana Research Station regarding the construction of the Krenim timeship weapon and Borg knowledge about the Iconians.
  • ALL “The Measure of Morality (Part 1)”: Seven requests the player's assistance in investigating possible Borg activity detected in the Traelus System; she and the player are then transported to Excalbia and forced to participate in a series of trials to determine whether the inhabitants of that world should adopt the values of good or evil to shape their society.
  • ALL “The Measure of Morality (Part 2)”: Seven and the player continue to undergo the Excalbian's trials, which soon go out of control as simulacrums of the Borg Queen and Seven's drone form go rogue and threaten to assimilate the Excalbians themselves, forcing Seven and the player to engage them.
  • “One Night in Bozeman”: The player aids Seven of Nine in countering a Borg attempt to prevent First Contact.

Other involvement[]

  • In Tales of the War #12, Seven is a member of a joint team of Iconian Resistance and Krenim engineers who are working to recreate Annorax's timeship and weapon. She finds herself in conflict with a Krenim named Noye over the weapon's design, and is reminded of her responsibilities by Captain Nog.
  • In Tales of the War #18, Seven composes a series of letters to Admiral Kathryn Janeway. The letters chronicle Seven's misgivings about the Krenim timeship project, and her conflicts with the other researchers there, particularly Noye. Her concerns culminate in her decision to leave the project prior to the events of “Butterfly”. She finds out about the failed temporal incursion while on her way back to the Sol System.
  • "U.S.S. Hadrian": In this Post War Era entry, Seven has joined the crew of the U.S.S. Hawking in the aftermath of the Iconian War. She records a log entry in which she describes her relief to be conducting scientific research in the wake of the war, and her concerns about the Tholian presence.



  • Seven of Nine is voiced by Jeri Ryan, the same actress who played her in Star Trek: Voyager.
  • Much of Seven's backstory between 2380 and 2410 is told in The Path to 2409.
  • Whether or not Seven of Nine and Chakotay resumed their relationship following their return to Earth is left open: When Jake Sisko conducted an interview with Seven in 2385, she saw no relevance in the question whether she and Chakotay still had contact. Seven acknowledged, however, that Chakotay was one of the people who inspired her to join Starfleet.
  • As part of the release of Season Nineteen: Legacy, Seven of Nine's appearance and personality in the new missions has been altered to match her look in Star Trek: Picard. Her outfit in the Delta Quadrant story arc is currently unchanged.

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