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Singularity Core abilities are an innate capability of all Romulan Warbirds. Specifically, the term Singularity Core abilities refers to a set of one to five space abilities that are innate to Warbirds, powered by the ship's Singularity Core.

While in combat and not stealthed, the Singularity Core will generate charge levels. These abilities allow a player to use the stored Singularity power to cause powerful effects. When activated, they drain all of the stored Singularity charge to increase the effectiveness of the Singularity power used. Activating a Singularity power will prevent the gain of Singularity charge for a short period of time.


There are up to five Singularity Core abilities that can be activated, based on the ship's tier. These abilities do not automatically rank up when acquiring higher tier Warbirds, but instead build in severity based on the charge built up by the ship's Singularity Core.

Available on the T'varo and T'liss Light Warbirds:

Available on the Dhael and Dhelan Warbirds:

Available on the Valdore and Mogai Heavy Warbirds:

Available on the D'ridthau and D'deridex Warbird Battle Cruisers and Ar'Kala and Ar'Kif Tactical Warbirds:

Available on all other warbirds:

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