Skill: Defensive Subsystem Tuning

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Defensive Subsystem Tuning

This skill improves the amount of subsystem power available in your Shields and Auxiliary Subsystems.

By default your starship will regain .1% of its maximum Shield capacity every 6 seconds and negate 2% of the damage that the shields take per 1 Power. These effects can be increased by the Shield Regeneration and Shield Resilience skills respectively.

Each point of Auxiliary Subsystem Power provides a 1% Recharge Time Reduction for Hangar Pets. as well as providing bonuses to the effectiveness of many abilities.

  • +4.8 Shields and Auxiliary Subsystem Power
  • +3.2 Shields Subsystem Power = Total Subsystem Power Bonus = +8.0
  • +3.2 Auxiliary Subsystem Power = Total Subsystem Power Bonus = +8.0

Overview[edit | edit source]

Engineering Skill 3 R1.png

Defensive Subsystem Tuning is a Captain Engineering skill that is available to all Captains. There are three total skills, one benefiting both Shields and Auxiliary Subsystem Power and a point dedicated to each individual subsystem in this chain, each costing 1 Space Point to purchase.

Abilities Affected[edit | edit source]

Point Progression[edit | edit source]

Bridge Officer Abilities[edit | edit source]

Starship Power Systems[edit | edit source]

Four consoles affect your ships individual power settings by boosting a single option. The effect can be stacked, so multiple consoles of the same type is an option. Each console of the same mark and rarity provides the same bonus, but to a different power level.

Personal Traits[edit | edit source]

Starship Traits[edit | edit source]

Additional Modifiers[edit | edit source]