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Endurance Training

This skill increases your maximum hitpoints. Each point of Health Capacity skill grants you an additional 2% health.

Your maximum hitpoints scale up as you level. starting at 200 and gaining +6 each time you gain a level. This skill increases this base scaling value by a fixed percentage. rounded to the nearest whole number.

+60 Health Capacity

  • Total Max Hitpoint Bonus = +12%

+40 Health Capacity

  • Total Max Hitpoint Bonus = +20%

Overview[ | ]

Ground Skill 4 R1 iconGround Skill 4 R2 icon

Endurance Training is a Ground skill that is available to Players. There are two total skills in this chain, each costing 1 Ground Point to purchase.

Abilities Affected[ | ]

Modifiers[ | ]

Point Progression[ | ]

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