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Engineering Readiness

This skill provides a bonus to your Ability Recharge for all Engineering Bridge Officer Abilities. For each point of Engineering Readiness skill. these abilities will recharge 0.2% faster.

100% Ability Recharge bonus would reduce an ability's recharge time to half of its base value. Most abilities have a minimum recharge time which varies from ability to ability. This skill (and all other Power Recharge bonuses) can never push an ability past their minimum recharge.

  • +50 Engineering Readiness - Total Ability Recharge Bonus = 10%
  • +35 Engineering Readiness - Total Ability Recharge Bonus = 17%
  • +15 Engineering Readiness - Total Ability Recharge Bonus = 20%


Engineering Skill 4 R1.png

Engineering Readiness is an Admiral Engineering skill that is available to all Admirals.There are three total skills each costing 1 Space Point to purchase.

Bridge Officer Abilities Affected[]


Engineering Only Cooldown Modifiers[]

Ship Specific[]

Set Bonus[]


  • Cool down reduction(s) cannot reduce a power's remaining cool down below any shared or duplicate ability cool downs.