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Hull Capacity

The skill increases the maximum Hull Capacity of your starship. While each Starship has its own base Maximum Hull value, each point of Hull Capacity skill always provides a bonus of 0.3% to that base value.

Shuttles and other Small Craft gain a smaller benefit from this skill, which changes with level.

  • +50 Hull Capacity Total Max Hull Bonus = +15%
  • +35 Hull Capacity (Improved) Total Max Hull Bonus = +25.5%
  • +15 Hull Capacity (Advanced) Total Max Hull Bonus = +30.0%


Engineering Skill 2 R1.png

Hull Capacity is a Lieutenant Engineering skill that is available to all Lieutenants. There are three total skills in this chain, each costing 1 Space Point to purchase.

Abilities Affected[]

This skill increases your starship hull directly.


Some of these items boost your Hull Capacity skill, while others boost your maximum hull capacity directly. The values for maximum hull gained are shown for both.




Set bonuses[]