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Hull Penetration

This skill increases the damage dealt by your weapons by penetrating your enemies' Resistances. Each point of this skill grants your weapons +0.1 Armor Penetration.

Armor Penetration causes your weapons to behave as if the target's Damage Resistance Rating is lower than their actual value by the same amount as your Armor Penetration value.

  • +50 Hull Penetration
    Total Skill bonus = 50
    Total Armor Penetration = +5
  • +35 Hull Penetration (Improved)
    Total Skill bonus = 85
    Total Armor Penetration = +8.5
  • +15 Hull Penetration (Advanced)
    Total Skill bonus = 100
    Total Armor Penetration = +10


Tactical Skill 3 R1.png

Hull Penetration is a Captain Tactical skill available through the skill system at the level 30 (Player rank: Faction Federation.pngFaction Klingon.png Captain, Faction Romulan Republic.png Commander). There are three total skill nodes in this chain, each costing 1 Space Point to purchase.
This skill improves the damage dealt by your starship weapons by reducing the amount of damage resistance rating your target has. The amount of Hull Penetration you have is directly subtracted from the Damage Resistance Rating of your target when determining how much damage is dealt. Hull Penetration skill provides Armor Penetration to your weapons, which translates into a hull damage resistance rating debuff.

Abilities Affected[]


Following items or abilities will increase the Hull Penetration skill:

Armor Penetration[]


  • Armor Pen is a Stronger variant of Hull Penetration.I.E 250 Hull Pen is equal to 25 Armor Pen