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Impulse Expertise
Lieutenant Commander

This skill increases the Speed and Turn Rate of your starship. While each Starship has its own base value for each of these. each point of Impulse Expertise skill always provides a bonus of 0.4% to those base values.

Your base speed and turn values are determined by a combination of your ship's impulse modifier, your level, engine power, and the quality of your equipped impulse engines.

Shuttles and other Small Craft gain a smaller benefit from this skill. which changes with level.

  • +50 Impulse Expertise - Total Speed and Turn Rate Bonus = +20%
  • +35 Impulse Expertise - Total Speed and Turn Rate Bonus = +34%(Improved)
  • +15 Impulse Expertise - Total Speed and Turn Rate Bonus = +40%(Advanced)


Engineering Skill 4 R1.png

Impulse Expertise is a Lt. Commander Engineering skill that is available to all Lieutenant Commanders. There are three total skills in this chain, each costing 1 Space Point to purchase.

Abilities Affected[]

Impulse Engine [Turn] and [Spd] Mods





Direct Skill increase

Flight and/or Turn increase
Flight Turn Rate Only

Impulse Only


While not listed in any particular order the above affect Turn,speed or both.

Ground Risa Floater, Risa Powerboard, Run, Transporter Transwarp icon (Federation).png
Sub-light Full Impulse, Impulse Capacitance Cell, Impulse Engine (Impulse Engines), Impulse Expertise
Warp Quantum Slipstream Drive, Sector Space Travel Speed, Warp Core, Warp speed
Transwarp Borg Transwarp Hub, Transwarp, Transwarp Coil, Transwarp Conduit
Other Bajoran wormhole, Iconian gateway, Sector space, Spore drive, Teleport, “Tour the Galaxy”