Skill: Kit Readiness

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Kit Readiness

This skill provides a bonus to your Ability Recharge for all Kit Module Abilities. For each point of Kit Readiness skill, these abilities will recharge 0.2% faster.

100% Ability Recharge bonus would reduce an ability's recharge time to half of its base value. Most abilities have a minimum recharge time which varies. This skill (and all other Power Recharge bonuses) can never push an ability past its minimum recharge.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Ground Skill 2 R1 icon.pngGround Skill 2 R2 icon.png

Kit Readiness is a Ground skill that is available to Players. It improves recharge times of all Kit Module abilities. This skill can be increased in several ways:

Abilities affected[edit | edit source]

Sources[edit | edit source]

Skill system[edit | edit source]

Kit Readiness can be increased through the Skill system upon reaching a Lieutenant rank, after which 2 skill nodes are available for purchase, each costing 1 Ground Point.

Kit Efficiency: +60 Kit Readiness for a total of 12% recharge bonus
Improved Kit Efficiency: +40 Kit Readiness for a total of 20% recharge bonus

Notes[edit | edit source]