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Projectile Weapon Training

This skill increases the base damage of most mine and torpedo weapons. Each point of Projectile Weapons Training Skill provides a 0.5% increase to the damage of applicable weapons.

The total damage your projectile weapons deal is determined by a combination of the weapon's base damage, your level, the mark and quality of your weapons, and many other permanent or temporary damage increasing effects.

  • +50 Projectile Weapon Training Total Damage Increase from Skill = +25%
  • +35 Projectile Weapon Training (Improved) Total Damage Increase from Skill = +42.5%
  • +15 Projectile Weapon Training (Advanced) Total Damage Increase from Skill = +50%

Overview[ | ]

Tactical Skill 1 R1

Projectile Weapon Training is a Lieutenant Tactical skill that is available to all Lieutenants. There are three total skills in this chain:

  • Projectile Weapon Training
  • Improved Projectile Weapon Training
  • Advanced Projectile Weapon Training

Each skill costs 1 Space Point to purchase.

Abilities affected[ | ]

This skill improves the damage output from all kinetic weapons, such as Torpedoes and Mine Launchers of all types. This skill has no effect on Energy Weapon damage. Passively, all abilities which scale based on or benefit from projectile damage. All damage abilities which rely on Projectile Weapon Damage will passively benefit from this skill.

Bridge Officer abilities[ | ]

Console abilities[ | ]

Set bonus[ | ]

Active Reputation traits[ | ]

Starship traits[ | ]

Weaponry[ | ]

Modifiers[ | ]

The following things grand more Projectile Weapon Training skill:

Bridge Officer abilities[ | ]

Consoles[ | ]

Bonus ALL Damage[ | ]

Torpedo ability Modification[ | ]

Personal traits[ | ]

Reputation traits[ | ]

Starship traits[ | ]

  • Load Viral Torpedo icon Load Viral Torpedo - Torpedoes disable for a short period
  • Stay on Target icon Stay on Target - Launch Micro Torpedoes while target in forward arc
  • Weapon System Synergy icon Weapon System Synergy - After 10 stacks Projectile weapons gain 25% Damage and 50% shield Bleed through for 10 sec.
  • Ceaseless Momentum icon Ceaseless Momentum - Firing any Torpedo Grants a Stacking 5% Bonus Kinetic Damage and Damage resistance for 45 seconds (Stacks 5 times) -1 sec to torpedo recharge.

Set Bonus[ | ]

Other[ | ]

Point Progression[ | ]