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Scientific Readiness

This skill provides a bonus to your Ability Recharge for all Science Bridge Officer Abilities. For each point of Scientific Readiness skill, these abilities will recharge 0.2% faster.

100% Ability Recharge bonus would reduce an ability's recharge time to half of its base value. Most abilities have a minimum recharge time which varies from ability to ability. This skill (and all other Power Recharge bonuses) can never push an ability past their minimum recharge.

  • +50 Scientific Readiness - Total Ability Recharge Bonus = 10%
  • +35 Scientific Readiness - Total Ability Recharge Bonus = 17%
  • +15 Scientific Readiness - Total Ability Recharge Bonus = 20%


Science Skill 5 R1.png

Scientific Readiness is an Admiral Science skill that is available to all Admirals.There are three total skills each costing 1 Space Point to purchase.

Bridge Officer Abilities Affected[]


[ 50%-150%]

  • Temporal Operative t4 Casual Glitch icon.png Casual Glitch Tier 4 Temporal Operative Specialization = 50% Bridge officer Cooldown reduction (When Continuity is triggered)
  • Temporal Backstep icon (Federation).png Temporal Backstep = -5 (per second) seconds to the current recharge time of abilities (-25seconds total. from abilities remaining cool down)
  • Temporal Inversion Field icon.png Temporal Inversion Field 150% Power Recharge Speed
  • Temporal Phase Capacitor icon (Romulan).png Temporal Phase Capacitor = 50% Bridge Officer ability recharge time reduction for 15 sec
  • Photonic Officer icon (Federation).png Photonic Officer 2%-4% Bridge Officer Cooldown (40%-80% in 20 sec)

[ 20%-40% ]

  • Spec strategist t2 Attrition Warfare icon.png Attrition Warfare Tier 2 Strategist Specialization =10%- 20% Bridge officer Cooldown reduction every 30s using hull heals.
  • Arrest icon.png Arrest 20% Recharge on Boff abilities when current primary target is defeated.
  • Timeline Stabilizer icon (Federation).png Timeline Stabilizer = Self: 2% - 4% Bridge Officer and Captain Ability Recharge Time (20%-40% in 10 sec)

[7.5% or less]

  • Spec intel t4 opportunistic icon.png Opportunistic Tier 4 Intelligence Specialization = +5% Recharge Speed for All Captain Abilities

Science Only Cooldown Modifiers[]

  • Doffshot Sf Reman Male 04 icon.png Deflector Officer = 25% chance: Deflector abilities recharge time to 50% of normal recharge time

[15% Sci Cooldown]

[10% Sci Cooldown]

  • Very Rare [Krenim Female Science Officer Candidate] 10% Science Bridge officer Cooldown reduction per Krenim Sci Officer.
  • Temporal Operative t2 Inevitability icon.png Inevitability Tier 2 Temporal Operative Specialization = 5% - 10% Power Recharge Speed on all Exotic Damage Bridge Officer abilities

Set Bonus[]


  • Cool down reduction(s) cannot reduce a power's remaining cool down below any shared or duplicate ability cool downs.
  • Certain science abilities will not see a cooldown reduction while certain abilities are active.
  • Some Items may not stack with others in this list.