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Shield Hardness

This skill increases the amount of incoming damage negated by your shields.

By default, each point of Shields Subsystem Power negates 0.2% the damage that your shields take. Every point of Shield Hardness skill will negate an additional 0.2% regardless of your current Shields Subsystem Power.

+50 Shield Hardness
Total Additional Shield Damage Negation = +10%

Improved Shield Hardness

+35 Shield Hardness
Total Skill Bonus = +85
Total Additional Shield Damage Negation = +17%

Advanced Shield Hardness

+15 Shield Hardness
Total Skill Bonus = +100
Total Additional Shield Damage Negation = +20%

Overview[ | ]

Science Skill 2 R1

Shield Hardness is a Commander Science skill that is available to all Commanders. There are three total skills in this chain, each costing 1 Space Point to purchase.

Shield Hardness determines how much damage is negated by the shields. This skill does not affect shield bleedthrough.

Abilities Affected[ | ]

Ship Shields

Formula[ | ]

Shield Hardness appears in two variations: A skill point bonus (e.g. [Console - Universal - Harmonic Shield Barrier]) or a percentage bonus (e.g. Majority - Minority). The skill point bonus is converted to the percentage bonus first, with a conversion ratio of 0.2% Shield Hardness for each skill point. Sometimes the terminology "Shield Resistance" (e.g. [Console - Universal - Ablative Hazard Shielding]) or "Reduces Damage to Shields by __%" (e.g. [Console - Universal - Fleet Support Platform]) is used; this means exactly the same as Shield Hardness and is calculated with the same formula.

Shield Hardness formula is as following:

Shield Hardness Formula

Each Shield Hardness percentage bonus is subtracted from one; then all of the preliminary results are multiplied. SHV represents the individual percentage increases.

Example[ | ]

The ship has following sources of shield hardness:

  • +65 Shield Hardness
  • 14.5% Shield Hardness
  • 30% Shield Hardness

Firstly, 65 Shield Hardness skill points equal to 13% Shield Hardness. Then everything is inserted into the formula:

SH = 1 - ( (1 - 0.13) * (1 - 0.145) * (1 - 0.3) )
   = 0.4793

With the given stats the total Shield Hardness would be 47.93%.

Modifiers[ | ]

Console[ | ]

Traits[ | ]

Other[ | ]

Set Bonuses / Abilities

Notes[ | ]

  • Shield bleedthrough is calculated before damage to shields is calculated, hence bleedrough is not considered in the Shield Hardness formula
  • Skill: Shield Penetration is not a counter to this skill as it increases bleedthrough