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Shield Mastery

Every several seconds. you will gain one charge of Shield Mastery. While this is active. the next Critical Hit you suffer will be completely negated. resulting in zero damage being dealt to you. This act will also consume the Shield Mastery. until the next refresh period.

  • Shield Mastery - Negate a Critical Hit, once per 20sec
  • Shield Absorption - Up to 20% of incoming damage applied as Shield Healing.
  • Shield Reflection - Up to 20% of incoming damage reflected at attacker


Science Skill 6 R1.pngScience Skill 1 R1.pngScience Skill 4 R1.png

Shield Mastery is an Admiral Science skill that is available to all Admirals. There are three total skills each costing 1 Space Point to purchase.

Similar Abilities[]

Below are various forms of Feedback (damage reflection) abilities that used to deal this type of damage; they now deal the same type of damage they are reflecting: