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Shield Penetration

This skill increases the amount of weapon damage that penetrates your enemies' shields.

By default. most enemy starship shields will prevent 90% of the energy damage dealt by your weapons from hitting the hull. For each point of Shield Penetration skill, an additional 0.05% of your damage will pierce their shields and apply directly to their hull.


  • +50 Shield Penetration Additional Bleedthrough = +2.5%
  • +35 = 85 Shield Penetration Additional Bleedthrough = +4.25% (Improved)
  • +15 = 100 Shield Penetration Additional Bleedthrough = +5% (Advanced)


Tactical Skill 4 R1.png

Shield Penetration is a Captain Tactical skill that is available to all Captains. There are three total skills in this chain, each costing 1 Space Point to purchase.


Prior to Season Thirteen: Escalation, this skill was previously known as "Shield Weakening" and provided a shield resistance rating debuff. It was changed to a direct shield penetration buff to be more in line with the Hull Penetration skill.

Abilities Affected[]

Ship Shields


Point Progression[]