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Shield Regeneration

This skill increases the amount of shields that are passively regenerated on a continuous basis.

Every point of Shield Regeneration skill will cause you to regenerate 0.1% of your maximum shield capacity every 6 seconds, regardless of your current Shields Subsystem Power level.

(Note: Shields Subsystem Power, as well as the base regeneration rates of different types of shields, will modify your final regeneration values.)

+50 Shield Regeneration
Total Additional Shield Regeneration = +5% per 6 sec

Improved Regeneration

+35 Regeneration
Total Skill Bonus = +85
Total Additional Shield Regeneration = +8.5% per 6 sec

Advanced Regeneration

+15 Regeneration
Total Skill Bonus = +100
Total Additional Shield Regeneration = +10% per 6 sec


Science Skill 1 R1.png

Shield Regeneration is a Commander Science skill that is available to all Commanders. There are three total skills in this chain, each costing 1 Space Point to purchase.

This skill previously modified how much regeneration you received from your Shields Subsystem Power level, but now operates independently of your power levels.

Abilities Affected[]

Ship Shields





Set Bonuses / Abilities

  • Terran Task Force Starship Technologies (3/4) - Regenerative Weapon Feedback: Gain a 2.5% chance to gain Shield Regen on firing energy weapons
  • Emergency Power to Shields icon (Federation).png Emergency Power to Shields
    • Note that while the Shield power boost from this ability boosts passive Shield Regeneration; the ability itself is not boosted by the Shield Regeneration skill, nor does it directly increase Shield Regeneration.