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Starship Perception (Skill)

This skill improves your Starship's stealth detection capabilities.

Starship Perception (Skill Unlock)

Doubles the benefit of Stealth Detection Rating that you gain from Auxiliary Power.

Starship Perception is a term used to refer to three closely related things in Star Trek Online:

  • A statistic that determines the distance at which you can detect cloaked starships, countered by the Starship Stealth skill.
  • A Science skill that is part of the equation for the statistic. Like other skills on the skill tree, it is numeric, and boosted by things such as Auxiliary Power and certain items, but that is not available directly from the skill tree.
  • A Science skill unlock available from the skill system.

This article primarily covers the former two, as the latter is a simple modifier of it.


Before the various Perception stats can be covered, first one must understand the Stealth Detection Rating.

Each starship has a base Stealth Detection Rating, or SDR (see below). Your starship's Auxiliary Power has an effect on this: every point of power above 50 into the Auxiliary systems will increase your base SDR by 2%. In addition, some items and abilities grant "Starship Stealth Detection", also known as "StealthSight", which also adds significantly to your total SDR: a 2.5% boost to Starship Stealth Detection adds 250 Stealth Detection Rating.

The Starship Perception skill unlock, a choice after spending 15 points on Science skills, doubles the benefit to SDR that you gain from Auxiliary Power, making every point of power above 50 increase your base SDR by 4%. However, while it is called "Starship Perception", it does not increase what is known as the "Perception" stat directly, which is the focus of this article, only your ship's innate Stealth Detection Rating.

To recap, your Stealth Detection Rating can be expressed by the following equation:

Ship SDR * (1 + 0.02 * (Auxiliary Power - 50)) + StealthSight * 10,000 = SDR, or
Ship SDR * (1 + 0.04 * (Auxiliary Power - 50)) + StealthSight * 10,000 = SDR with the skill unlock.

A cloaked ship has a Stealth value, and the distance at which other ships can see the cloaked ship is determined by Perception. Perception is boosted by some items directly (see below), and is derived from SDR with the equation:

Perception = (5000 + Boost) * (1 + (SDR / 10,000))

The distance at which a cloaked starship can be detected follows the equation:

(Perception - Stealth) / 50 = Distance in km, i.e. 1 km per 50 points of Perception

All together the equation is:

((5000 + Perception Boost) * (1 + ((Ship SDR * (1 + 0.02 * (Auxiliary Power - 50)) + StealthSight * 10,000) / 10,000)) - Stealth) / 50 = Distance in km

or, with the skill unlock:

((5000 + Perception Boost) * (1 + ((Ship SDR * (1 + 0.04 * (Auxiliary Power - 50)) + StealthSight * 10,000) / 10,000)) - Stealth) / 50 = Distance in km

For example, if a cloaking device gives an enemy starship 5000 Stealth, and you are in a Science Vessel (Base SDR of 60) with 125 Auxiliary Power, plus an item that grants +20 Perception but no StealthSight, then you will be able to see them at a distance of:

((5000 + 20) * (1 + ((60 * (1 + 0.02 * (125 - 50)) + 0 * 10,000) / 10,000)) - 5000) / 50 = 1.906 km

For another example, consider the same situation but with both the skill unlock and an item that adds 2.5% Starship Stealth Detection, such as the Jem'Hadar Deflector Dish:

((5000 + 20) * (1 + ((60 * (1 + 0.04 * (125 - 50)) + 0.025 * 10,000) / 10,000)) - 5000) / 50 = 5.3196 km

Affected abilities[]


Add one or more of these items or abilities to increase your Starship Perception:

Starship type[]

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Each ship has a base Stealth Detection Rating that's determined by its class, as follows:

  • Cruiser: 20
  • Escort: 20
  • Science Vessel: 60


Abilities that boost Perception for you and/or your allies:

Abilities that cause the target to lose perception:

  • Console - Universal - Antimatter Spread icon.png Antimatter Spread icon (Federation).png Antimatter Spread: -_____ Perception for 16 sec
  • Console - Universal - Sensor Burnout icon.png Sensor Burnout icon (Federation).png Sensor Burnout: Decreases StealthSight by 9.99% for 3 sec
  • Singularity Jump icon (Romulan).png Singularity Jump -X Perception to foes within 2.2km of the anomaly
  • Console - Universal - Subspace Integration Circuit icon.png Launch Subspace Rupture icon.png Launch Subspace Rupture: Creates a Subspace Rupture for 10 sec. To all enemies within 3km of the Rupture: -99.9% Perception
  • Console - Universal - Theta Radiation Vents icon.png Vent Theta Radiation icon (Federation).png Vent Theta Radiation: Ejects Theta Radiation Cloud, -4,720 Perception to anyone caught in it.

Duty officers[]




Set bonuses[]



  • In the previous skill system, there was also a skill called Starship Sensors that was part of the equation, increasing your ship's base SDR by an amount equal to your ship's base SDR divided by 100, multiplied by the amount of Starship Sensors skill you had. With the skill revamp, this skill was removed, and these items now boost your Perception directly, meaning they are significantly more potent and no longer rely on your ship type. For reference, here is the previous equation for SDR, which remains valid when you assume the Sensors variable is now 0 at all times:
(Ship SDR + (Ship SDR/100) * Sensors) * (1 + 0.02 * (Auxiliary Power - 50)) + (ItemStealthSight * Sensors + StealthSight% * 10,000) = SDR
  • The equation showing how SDR is multiplied into your Perception can also be expressed more simply as half of your SDR being added to your Perception:
    Perception = (5000 + Boost) + SDR / 2
As a result, StealthSight can be approximated by adding its listed percentage value directly to your stealth detection range in kilometers:
2.5% StealthSight ≈ 250 SDR ≈ 125 Perception ≈ 2.5 km

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