Skill: Starship Stealth

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Starship Stealth
Tier 2

This skill improves your Starship's stealth capabilities, for example Mask Energy Signature or Cloak.


Starship Stealth is a Tier 2 Science skill available to all Captains. This skill costs 10 Science skill points to unlock.

Details[edit | edit source]

This skill improves all your starship's stealth related abilities, such as cloaking devices. If you do not have any stealth related abilities available on your starship, this skill has no effect at all; it does not provide any innate stealth.

The distance at which enemies can detect you through Stealth is calculated using this formula:

Perception - Stealth / 50 = km

For example, the Science skill unlock gives you +100 Stealth, increasing the range to which you are undetectable by 2km.

Abilities affected[edit | edit source]

Bridge officer abilities:

Innate starship abilities:

Item abilities:

Set bonus abilities:

Universal console abilities:

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Modifiers[edit | edit source]