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Weapon Criticals

This skill increases both your chance of landing a Critical Hit, as well as your Critical Severity, for all weapons. Per point of Weapon Criticals skill, you gain +0.06% Critical Chance and +02% Critical Severity.

Players start with a base Critical Chance of 2.5% and a Critical Severity of +50%, When a weapon or ability Critically Hits, it grants Bonus Damage equal to your Critical Severity.

+60 Weapon Criticals

  • Total Critical Chance Bonus = +3.6% Total Critical Severity = +12%

+40 Weapon Criticals

  • Total Critical Chance Bonus = +6% Total Critical Severity = +20%

Overview[ | ]

Ground Skill 2 R1 iconGround Skill 2 R2 icon

Weapon Criticals is a Ground skill that is available to Players. There are two total skills in this chain, each costing 1 Ground Point to purchase.

Abilities Affected[ | ]

Modifiers[ | ]

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Set bonuses that affect crit on the ground.

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Critical Chance and Severity are primarily modified by [CrtH] and [CrtD] modifiers, respectively, on kits, ground weapons, and certain types of body armor. Pakleds have an innate +4% Critical Chance.

Personal and bridge officer traits[ | ]

Point Progression[ | ]