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Romulan Star EmpireSlamek
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Slamek (or Prisoner 1478) is a member of the Reman Resistance who defects to the Tal Shiar in 2409.

Missions involved[]

  • ROM “Crossroads at Crateris”: Romulan Republic players encounter Slamek at the Reman colony on Crateris. He is subsequently abducted, with Zden, by the Tal Shiar/Elachi invasion force attacking the colony.
  • ALL “Temporal Ambassador”: In an alternate timeline, Slamek is a laborer working for the Tholian Assembly at a base in the Azure Nebula.
  • ALL “Installation 18”: Players find Slamek in a hidden Tal Shiar base on Nimbus III where he is a prisoner following his capture in the Crateris System. He informs the player of his knowledge of Obisek's resistance base and beams out of Nimbus III to join them.
  • ALL “Coliseum”: After his rescue from Installation 18, Slamek joins the crew of a freighter operated by Obisek's resistance. After the ship is snared by a satellite in the Nopada System, Slamek and several other crew members are able to beam to the surface of Nopada Prime before the ship crashes. However, he and his crew are captured, imprisoned, and forced to fight in Hakeev's coliseum. He is also interrogated by the local soldiers, and forced to wear a shock collar. By the time the player arrives, Slamek is the only survivor. He tells the player that he jettisoned the ship's cargo of thalaron weapons, and that they were destroyed in the atmosphere. He helps the player escape the prison with a key card he stole from one of his interrogators, but is injured in the escape. The player treats his wounds, and they hike together to Slamek's ship. In order to gain an advantage with his captors, he ultimately deceives and betrays the player.
  • ALL “Jabberwocky”: A Prophet takes the form of Slamek.



Level Standard Difficulty Advanced Difficulty Elite Difficulty
Shields Health Shields Health Shields Health
35 359 924 ? ? ? ?


  • According to the computers in the Gateway room, "Prisoner 1478" responded well to indoctrination procedures, possibly ones similar to those the player underwent in “Mind Game”. Therefore, his betrayal of the Reman Resistance and the player may not have been entirely of his own accord.
  • According to conversation between few members of Reman Resistance, Slamek wasn't present in the hidden Reman settlement at Dera IV ( “Frozen”) because Obisek has sent him on an unknown mission.
  • Slamek's status after “Coliseum” is unknown.


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