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The Solanae Dyson Sphere is a Dyson sphere located in the Delta Quadrant close to the border to the Beta Quadrant. Accessible through an Iconian gateway in the Azure Sector, the Solanae Dyson Sphere is the site of both a space adventure zone, as well as ground and space "battlezones" occupied by the Voth and the Undine, respectively.

The Solanae Dyson Sphere has a radius of approximately 1 astronomical unit around a brown dwarf star.[1] The inner surface of the sphere offers an area of ~1.4 x 10^17 km² - approximately 550 million times the surface of the Earth.

General information[ | ]

Subcommander Kaol explains the main goal in the Solanae Dyson Sphere during a cutscene after player's first visit.

Welcome to the Solanae Dyson Sphere. My name is Subcommander Kaol.

This is the main command for the Joint Alliance Command, a multi-species task force willing to work together toward a common goal. For now, at least. The gateway you used to get here is in Republic space, so the Republic is taking the lead here as well.

Our mission: to destroy Omega particles this sphere creates, and neutralize its ability to generate more. The first scouts into the Sphere confirmed that it was producing massive amounts of Omega particles for an unknown purpose. Given enough time, this sphere could produce enough Omega particles to completely annihilate warp travel in all known quadrants of the galaxy.

We thought this would be a sweep and clear operation, but we were waylaid by the species known as the Voth. The Voth claim to be the natives of the Delta Quadrant, are extremely technologically advanced, and want the sphere. Now we're in a fight for control. The Voth are determined to gather Omega particles. We're still determining why, but this is a threat to all warp-capable civilizations. I can't stress how important it is we stop the Voth and neutralize the Omega particles.

There's a lot to do. Shall we get started?

History[ | ]

  • Like the Jenolan Dyson Sphere, the Solanae Dyson Sphere was built by the Solanae, an Iconian servitor race, approximately 200,000 years ago.
  • It was commissioned as an Iconian staging base when they were forced to abandon their homeworld after its orbital bombardment. The Sphere was capable of housing large armadas, sustaining a vast population, and traveling vast distances across the galaxy through subspace via a "jump" ability fueled by Omega Particles generated by the Sphere itself.
  • When the Solanae activated the Sphere, a large scale industrial accident occurred which generated large amounts of tetryonic energy and significantly reduced the energy output of the Sphere's central star. ** The effect on the star can be inferred by the spires dotted across the interior surface of the Sphere being optimized for a different spectral band than the one produced by the star.
    • It is implied that this accident changed the molecular structure of the surviving Solanae, forcing them to retreat into subspace to survive. The accident forced the Iconians to abandon the Sphere due to its flaws and left large amounts of residual tetryon particles which are still detectable in the present day.
  • In 2409, the Federation detected a 2 AU-wide region of "blank space" in the Delta Quadrant using the MIDAS array. At a distance of 30,000 light years from Sol, the long-range science vessel U.S.S. Callisto was located close to the anomaly and was rerouted to its position. Looking at the same region of space, a sensor network of the Romulan Republic detected high concentrations of boronite, sarium, carbon-60 and kelbonite amongst others [2].
  • While parts of it are occupied by the Voth, who are trying to exploit the Sphere's automated production of Omega Particles, the Dyson Joint Command, an alliance of Federation, Klingon and Romulan Republic forces, have claimed an adjacent area to battle the Voth threat.
  • In 2410, Undine arrived by using a gateway from another Dyson Sphere. They took command of the "Voth Zone", destroying Voth dreadnoughts and opening rifts into fluidic space.

Missions involved[ | ]

Solanae Dyson Sphere[ | ]

  • Faction FedRomKDF “Sphere of Influence”: After having discovered an Iconian gateway in a cave on New Romulus, the Romulan Republic invites representatives of the Klingon Empire and the Federation to witness its re-activation. An incident traps Ambassador Worf and others in subspace on the far site of the gateway. In order to return, the group has to re-activate all Iconian gateways in the Milky Way galaxy, including one in the Jouret System which was previously hidden in subspace. Although an Elachi armada initially tries to defend it, it is later discovered that this gateway leads to the Solanae Dyson Sphere.
  • Faction FedRomKDF “Circles within Circles”: As the gateway is located within Romulan Republic space, the Dyson Joint Command, coordinated by Subcommander Kaol, is formed by the Republic, the Federation, and the Klingon Empire, in order to explore and secure the Dyson sphere together.
  • Faction FedRomKDF “Supply Woes”: The player has to secure the supply depot of the Dyson Joint Command by exposing cloaked Voth ships in the vicinity.
  • Faction FedRomKDF “The Contested Zone”: The player's ship is sent to the Contested Zone in order to aid in Joint Command undertakings there.
  • Faction FedRomKDF “The Omega Standoff”: The player and a small away team are sent to the Ground Battlezone to prevent Voth forces from taking control of Omega Particle silos on the sphere's inner surface.
A Step Between Stars exploded hallway

An exploded hallway of the station close to the central star of the sphere

  • Faction FedRomKDF “Tower Control”: The player is ordered to capture an hold strategically important towers in the Contested Zone.
  • Faction FedRomKDF “A Step Between Stars”: The Voth are programming the sphere to jump to Voth-controlled space. The player is tasked to assist Rear Admiral Tuvok on a Solanae station orbiting the sphere's central star in disabling the sphere's jump-capability as this would release disastrous amounts of Omega molecules.
  • Faction FedRomKDF “Fluidic Destruction”: The Undine have driven the Voth out of their zone. The player is sent to the Undine Battlezone in order to assist Joint Command forces to prevent them from destroying the entire sphere.

PvE Queues[ | ]

  • Faction FedRomKDF “Storming the Spire”: Joint Command forces compete with the Voth for the control of a spire on the inner surface of the sphere. Both sides try to land troop transports and destroy those of the opposing party.
  • Faction FedRomKDF “The Breach”: In order to fly inside and destroy its reactor, a small Joint Command task force is sent to create a hull breach in the side of a gigantic Voth Fortress Ship operating within the Solanae Dyson Sphere.

Allied Zone[ | ]

General information[ | ]

Subcommander Kaol informs the player about various areas of the Allied Zone during a cutscene after player's first visit.

We run missions here from Joint Command, the center of all Allied operations.
This is the supply depot. We use it to ship supplies to our forces and to store any unusual or dangerous technologies we find here.
This region is the minefield. It is used as a barrier to keep Voth forces out, although some still slip by.
And this is the Ion Stream, a series of structures moving a high volume of charged particles and exotic radiation through the area.
Dyson Allied Zone Map

The Allied Zone

Locations[ | ]

Missions[ | ]

Daily Mission[ | ]

Found Missions[ | ]

  • “Aground”
  • “Assist Salvage Operations”
  • “Assist Tactical Calibration”
  • “Clear the Swarmers”
  • “Cloaked Cargo”
  • “Containment Failure”
  • “Gap in Defenses”
  • “Lost the Codes”
  • “Mayday”
  • “Old Grudges”
  • “Pick Up Charge”
  • “Plasma Flume”
  • “Restoring Order”
  • “Shuttle Pickup”
  • “Taking Inventory”
  • “Technotronics”
  • “Wave Synchronicity”
  • “What's Eating Our Mines?”

Zone-wide Missions[ | ]

  • “Voth Blitz”

Contested Zone[ | ]

General information[ | ]

Subcommander Kaol informs the player about the situation in the Contested Zone during a cutscene after player's first visit.

This is the Contested Zone. Our forces here are in constant conflict with the Voth.
There are five fronts in the zone, and each one of them needs your help. Here we are fighting the Voth for the control over towers that are critical to our control of the zone. I would advise you help if you have other starships to provide support.
In the center of the Contested Zone is the Battlezone. Commander Arnold is leading the ground fight there against the Voth. He needs anyone who's willing to assist.
Make no mistake about this: the Contested Zone is an active conflict. Be careful out there.
Dyson Contested Zone Map

The Contested Zone

Locations[ | ]

Missions[ | ]

Daily Mission[ | ]

  • Faction FedRomKDF “Contested Zone (Daily)” - 50 Dyson Marks, 960 Dilithium Ore icon
    • “Contested Zone - Allied Border” - 10 Dyson Marks
    • “Contested Zone - Industrial Area” - 10 Dyson Marks
    • “Contested Zone - Wasteland” - 10 Dyson Marks
    • “Contested Zone - Voth Front” - 10 Dyson Marks

Open Mission[ | ]

  • Players vie for control of four towers - one each at the Allied Front, Wasteland, Industrial Zone, and Voth Front - by flying to the towers, defending them from the Voth, and remaining near them while the meter indicating Allied control of the tower fills.
  • Once players have captured and held all four towers long enough for the "Overall Control" meter to fill for the Allies, four Voth fleets attack the zone and must be defeated by the players.

Found Missions[ | ]

  • “Clean Up Pollution”
  • “Cloaked Figures”
  • “Command Imperative”
  • “Disrupt Voth Supply Chain”
  • “Enemy Mine”
  • “Repair Damaged Sensor”
  • “Rescue Research Vessels”
  • “Salvage”
  • “Search and Destroy”
  • ”Search and Rescue”
  • “Shutdown Swarmer Production”
  • “Shut Down Force Fields”
  • “Stabilize Debris”
  • “Supply Handoff”
  • “Targets of Opportunity”
  • “Valuable Junk”
  • “Voth Front Skirmishes”
  • “Voth Scavengers”

Voth Zone (Undine Battlezone)[ | ]

General information[ | ]

Vice Admiral Chal Rexx explains the main goal in the Undine Battlezone during a cutscene after player's first visit.

Captain, you are in the Undine Battlezone.
Our goal is to close fluidic rifts to destroy Undine planet killers. Here is our plan. This is the map of the battlezone. We have three different methods of closing the rifts. When a rift is open, the area is red. When we close a rift, it will change to blue. Closing rifts advances our progress, shown by this meter. When it is full, we can launch our attack on the planet killers. We must defeat at least one planet killer for the operation to be considered a success.
Good luck.
Undine Battlezone map

The Undine Battlezone

Open Missions[ | ]

Available to players once they reach Level 50, the Undine Battlezone is divided into nine areas; in each area, players must work to close a rift to Fluidic space. Efforts in the Battlezone are coordinated by the U.S.S. Cheron.

There are three types of points which can be captured to advance the Battlezone Ally Control meter:

Federation Point[ | ]

  • Activate a Federation Experimental Rift Destruction device and guard it until it goes online. Activation will progress if allied ships outnumber Undine vessels.

Klingon Point[ | ]

  • Activate four components of a Klingon Advanced Weaponry and defend them from the Undine forces.

Romulan Point[ | ]

  • Activate a Romulan Singularity Propulsion Satellite and escort a singularity device to the rift. Undine forces will try to halt your progress - destroy bioships tasked with disabling the propulsion satellites.

Once all nine points have been captured, three Undine Planet Killers appear on the map.

The Planet Killers[ | ]

  • When brought to 50% of the hull, each Planet Killer will activate an emergency shield bubble. To take the shielding down, players will have to do one of the following:
    • Activate a Federation Experimental Rift Destruction device and guard it until it goes online.
    • Activate three components of a Klingon Advanced Weaponry which will deactivate the shield.
    • Escort a Romulan Singularity Device, while protecting it from constant Undine attacks.

If the players are able to defeat all three Planet Killers within 10 minutes, a Voth fleet arrives to attempt to retake the zone. Players have 5 minutes to defeat as many Voth as possible before they retreat.

Rewards[ | ]

For each captured point, the highest reward players can receive is: 10 Undine Marks + 60 Dilithium Ore icon.

Based on how many planet killers are defeated, completing the Battlezone will reward the following:

  • With one planet killer defeated, at least:
    • Isomorphic Injection icon 1 Isomorphic Injection
    • Undine Marks 5 Undine Marks
    • Dilithium Ore icon 60 Dilithium Ore
  • With two planet killers defeated, at least:
    • Isomorphic Injection icon 2 Isomorphic Injections
    • Undine Marks 10 Undine Marks
    • Dilithium Ore icon 120 Dilithium Ore
  • With three planet killers defeated, at least:
    • Isomorphic Injection icon 3 Isomorphic Injections
    • Undine Marks 15 Undine Marks
    • Dilithium Ore icon 240 Dilithium Ore

A bonus will be added to the final objective reward based upon the number of points player captured. The point capture credit is stored until the player completes the Battlezone, and then it is reset.

Accolades[ | ]

Numerous accolades can be obtained in Solanae Dyson Sphere:

References[ | ]

  1. In "A Step Between Stars" it is clearly stated that the central star of the Solanae Dyson Sphere is a brown dwarf. Technically, a brown dwarf is not a star, but a gas giant, which has failed to ignite nuclear fusion due to its low mass. A brown dwarf would not look like the star present in the Dyson Sphere, and, at a distance of 1 AU, would theoretically leave the inner surface of the sphere short of the energy needed to maintain a class-M-type environment.
  2. Boronite, sarium and carbon-60 were all used by the Vostigye, a species from the Delta Quadrant, in constructing their space stations. In 2373, the U.S.S. Voyager wanted to rendezvous with one of their stations, which was, however, destroyed by an astral eddy beforehead.

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