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Solanae Paladin Environmental Suit icon.png
Very rare icon.png
Solanae Paladin Environmental Suit Mk XII
Very Rare EV Suit
Character Bind On Pickup
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

+34.9 Physical Damage Resistance Rating
+34.9 Kinetic Damage Resistance Rating
+5% Energy Damage
+34.9 Energy Damage Resistance Rating
+8.7 Antiproton Damage Resistance Rating
+69.8 Radiation Damage Resistance Rating
+69.8 Fire Damage Resistance Rating
+8.7 Proton Damage Resistance Rating
+2.5% Critical Chance
+20% Critical Severity
+43.6 Root Resistance Rating
+43.6 Hold Resistance Rating
+43.6 Knockback Resistance Rating
+10% Physical Damage (Melee Only)
Reaction Thrusters
Spacejump to navigation point up to 45 meters away
Activate EV Suit Lights
Toggle Lights
Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png

The Solanae Paladin Environmental Suit is an upgradable Solanae Environmental Suit obtained by trading in all 3 possible Environmental suits given during the mission, “A Step Between Stars”. It is identical stat-wise to the Solanae Sentinel Environmental Suit, the only difference is its lighter appearance.

Game Description[]

The environmental suit allows you to survive in extremely hostile environments such as the vacuum of space or extremely hot or cold worlds.

This special suit design includes radiative cooling and reflective surfaces that can withstand near-solar temperatures, but lacks any form of protection against Cold and Toxic environments. Although the flight systems are now damaged beyond repair, they can still provide a slight boost when jumping.

The "Paladin" style suit includes all of the upgraded systems from the Marksman, Enforcer and Striker styles. Integrating these systems has locked in the performance of the suit at a higher quality than is available via the leveless versions.


Any Solanae Environmental Suit must be worn and activated to cross the destroyed section of space station in “A Step Between Stars”. Afterwards, these suits can be worn as a normal EV Suit.


Trade at the Lobi Crystal Store: To acquire either:
Solanae Enforcer Environmental Suit icon.pngVeryrare icon.png [Solanae Enforcer Environmental Suit]

Solanae Marksman Environmental Suit icon.pngVeryrare icon.png [Solanae Marksman Environmental Suit]
Solanae Striker Environmental Suit icon.pngVeryrare icon.png [Solanae Striker Environmental Suit]
Lobi Crystal icon.pngCommon icon.png [Lobi Crystal  x50]

Blue Arrow (Right).png Solanae Paladin Environmental Suit icon.pngVeryrare icon.png [Solanae Paladin Environmental Suit]

Solanae Sentinel Environmental Suit icon.pngVeryrare icon.png [Solanae Sentinel Environmental Suit]


Body Armors and Environmental Suits can be upgraded using the Ground Gear Tech Upgrades or assorted Universal Tech Upgrades. This item will receive an additional modifier on successful quality improvement:

Ultra Rare [Per] +X% StealthSight
Epic [HP/Res] +X Maximum Hit Points
+X All Damage Resistance Rating