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Faction Son'a.png Son'a Facility 617

Son'a Facility 617.png

Briar Patch
Risa Sector

Son'a Facility 617 is a base built by the Son'a in the Briar Patch. Officially it is a Son'a research facility looking at metaphasic radiation, however it is in fact a high-security prison for political prisoners of the House of Torg. ( “Brushfire”)

Known Prisoners[]

Missions Involved[]

Other involvement[]

  • "A First's Tale": Grella, a Klingon woman who refused to mate with Torg, is beaten and thrown in a prison cell. There, she meets Kavat’kara, a prisoner in an adjacent cell. Kavat'kara explains that he is a Gamma Jem'Hadar who served during the Dominion War. After defying the armistice at the end of the war, he and his crew were eventually captured by Klingons, and transferred to the prison facility. There, Torg's forces, aided by the Son'a, kept the Jem'Hadar alive with a supply of Ketracel White and metaphasic radiation while experimenting on them, in an effort to ultimately free the Jem'Hadar of their need for the White. The group's Vorta, along with Kavat'kara's Jem'Hadar crewmates, were eventually killed, leaving Kavat'kara as the only survivor. Grella and Kavat'kara begin plotting their escape.
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