Special Equipment Pack - Herald Kits
Very Rare Inventory
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Open to gain a random level-appropriate Herald Kit.
Value: Energy credit icon.png

Special Equipment Pack - Herald Kits is a possible reward available from Herald Lock Box icon.png Common icon.png [Herald Lock Box], usable by players of all factions Faction FED25.png Faction KDF.png Faction Romulan Republic.png.

It is not bound and thus it can be traded, mailed, sold or purchased from the Exchange. (At the Exchange, this pack can be found under "Reward Packs" tab, while content of the pack can be found under "Personal Equipment -> Kits".)

Game Description

The label on this box indicates that it contains a new variation of kit technology based on recovered Herald equipment. All Herald kits have two randomly-generated skill mods, and a unique enhancement which boosts the output of a specific weapon type. Additionally, each kit has at least one slot that can allow for any Module from their profession, instead of being restricted to one specialization or the other.


Any captain opening this package will be granted a random kit appropriate to their profession, and of a Mark that is appropriate for their level.

Icon Name Mark Unique Mod Options
Herald Engineering Kit II–XII [+Pha] - [+Dis] - [+Pla] - [+Pol] - [+Tet] - [+Ap]
Herald Science Kit II–XII [+Pha] - [+Dis] - [+Pla] - [+Pol] - [+Tet] - [+Ap]
Herald Tactical Kit II–XII [+Pha] - [+Dis] - [+Pla] - [+Pol] - [+Tet] - [+Ap]

Note: Herald Kit will receive one unique mod and two standard mods.

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