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The Special Requisition Pack - Plain and Simple Bundle is a limited-time Lobi Crystal bundle available for a base price of 1,500 Lobi Crystal icon.png. This Bundle is not bound and thus may be traded to other players, or bought and sold on the Exchange under the name [Special Requisition Pack - Plain and Simple Bundle].


The Special Requisition Pack - Plain and Simple Bundle launched on June 30th, 2020 for PC and was available until July 6th, 2020. During this period it was 20% off (1,200 Lobi Crystal icon.png).

For Star Trek Day this bundle returned on PC, and was launched on Console. It was 20% off and was available until September 29, 2020.

Game Description[]

The Plain and Simple Bundle includes the following Cardassian themed items. This bundle can be traded as long as it remains packed. Once it is opened, the items inside will Bind to your Account, except for the Keldon Cruiser which may still be traded.


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