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This article refers to the 25th century Federation faction. For its 23rd century counterparts, see TOS Starfleet and DSC Starfleet. For general information on the Federation, see United Federation of Planets.

Starfleet is one of playable factions in Star Trek Online. Starfleet is the military, defensive, and exploratory branch of the United Federation of Planets, which is an alliance of more than 150 planetary governments, spread out over 8,000 light years. Notable members of the Federation, who actively serve in Starfleet, include Humans, Vulcans, Andorians and Tellarites. These species work in cooperation to uphold their principles of justice, equality, and rights, as well as expand and share their knowledge and resources for the purpose of space exploration and peaceful cooperation with other races.

Background[ | ]

Starfleet Command patch

Starfleet Command's insignia


Starfleet's insignia as a combadge

Starfleet dates back to United Earth in the mid-2130s where it was tasked to " out new life and new civilizations," and "...go boldly where no man has gone before.". Starfleet played an instrumental role in bringing the founders of the Federation together in the lead up to the Earth-Romulan War. On the founding of the Federation in 2161, Starfleet became the Federation's primary exploratory and defense organisation bringing together crews from across the Federation.

As the Federation expanded, so did Starfleet's crews with a myriad of new species joining its ranks. Often, Starfleets deep space exploration prompted conflict with those fearing the Federation's expansion, such as the Klingons and Cardassians. As such, Starfleet's peaceful mission of exploration has seen frequent interruptions to defend the Federation from invasion. However it was only the encounter with the Borg that prompted the Federation to create outright warships such as the U.S.S. Defiant in the 24th century.

By the late 24th century, the Starfleet deemed the Borg threat had subsided and refocused on exploration. Starfleet also expanded its admission guidelines to accept non-Federation citizens to Starfleet Academy without command-level recommendation.

In the 25th century, Starfleet found itself called once again to its defensive role as the Federation-Klingon War started in 2405. It rapidly found itself embroiled again in multiple conflicts, including the return of the Borg in 2409.

Emblem[ | ]

Starfleet's insignia (a variation shown top right) is an asymmetrical, arrowhead-shaped pennant. This features on Starfleet ships, combadges and other ware. However the faction loading screen uses the flag of the Federation (seen in the infobox above) while the faction icon is still a Starfleet's insignia small blue delta.

Starfleet insignias have, at various points in the organization's history, shown the wearer's division in its centre. A star signifies tactical, a stylized spiral signifies engineering and a circle with longitudinal lines signifying science. Note the assocition of these icons, and division colors, differs slightly between Star Trek Online and main Star Trek canon.

Uniform[ | ]

Odyssey Uniform Group

Starfleet Uniform in 2409; a white top section is a command uniform. Red highlights indicate command or tactical, yellow: operations and blue: sciences

In 2410, Starfleet's uniform is the Odyssey design, although captain's have considerable leeway in the uniform regulations for their crew. Starfleet uniforms are typically color coded to the wearer's division (in Star Trek Online: red for tactical, yellow for engineering and blue for science; note that this deviates from canon) while rank is indicated by a series of collar pips (this varies by time period).

Ranks[ | ]

Starfleet ranks roughly mirror those of the US navy, with crew being given ranks of Cadet, Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander and Commander. Ship commanders are usually at the rank of Captain, but sometimes a commander is referred to as Captain even if they are at a different rank. Senior officers hold the ranks of Vice, Rear, Admiral and Fleet Admiral.

Command[ | ]

Starfleet Command, based in San Francisco, is the fleet's operating authority and answers directly to the Federation President, Aennik Okeg. Starfleet Command runs the fleet's day-to-day operations, with Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn, based on Earth Space Dock, being the most senior officer encountered.

While Quinn is treated as the leader of Starfleet, notably being shown as J'mpok's opposite at events such as calling the ceasefire, Cryptic's lead writer Christine Thompson has stated that the position of Commander in Chief of Starfleet is a different position, and is being reserved for "someone special" [1].

Departments and agencies[ | ]

Major Starfleet bodies include;

Important facilities[ | ]

Player Characters[ | ]

Main article: Player character

Upon starting a new Starfleet character, players must choose a career (analogous to a 'class' from other MMORPGs) and a species (or race). The career determines the character's native abilities, and the race determines the character's innate traits, and in certain cases, special abilities. In ground combat, the career choice and racial traits drastically affect the gameplay and strategies used by the player.

When the player completes the tutorial (or skips it), a Starfleet Light Cruiser is assigned to them, which acts as the player's avatar in space and sector space, and is the primary method of combat and interaction in space. The character's career affects the type of gameplay strategies used by the player, as well as the customizable Bridge Officer abilities and ship consoles.

Classes[ | ]

Main article: Career path

In Star Trek Online, players may choose which career they wish their character to adopt. Players are able to choose from the following three career paths:

Tactical Officer Candidate icon Engineering Officer Candidate icon Science Officer Candidate icon
Tactical Engineering Science

Each profession has its own advantages in the gameplay of Star Trek Online, but does not restrict what playable starships are available, nor the main skill progression beyond a handful of unique abilities and traits.

Races[ | ]

See also: Federation members on Memory Alpha.

Starfleet characters have a diverse range of playable races to choose from including long standing Federation members such as Andorians and Vulcans, to Starfleet allies such as the Ferengi and Talaxians. Most races are free to play, while some are paid for.

Each race offers unique traits and abilities which can aid a certain type of play. Once the race is chosen, it cannot be changed so it is advisable to choose carefully.

The Federation includes hundreds of members, with non-playable species in-game including the Aenar, Deltans, Denobulans, Ithenites, Risians, Violaceans and Zambeans. Dozens of other non-Federation species have been seen to serve in Starfleet including Capellans, Ktarian, Xenexians and Photonic lifeforms to name a few.

Species Acquisition Innate traits
Andorian Female
Free Ground bonus:
  • +10 Perception
  • +10% Exploit Damage
  • +25% Resistance to Flanking Damage
  • Bonus damage for each point of missing health which increases greatly as health nears zero
Bajoran Male
Free Ground bonus:
  • +0.2% Healing to Shields and Hitpoints
  • 10% bonus to healing abilities used on you
  • +0.1 Regeneration
Benzite Male
Free Ground bonus:
  • +10 Resistance to Physical damage
  • +33.33 resistance to Toxic and Radiation damage
  • +5 Resistance to Energy damage
Betazoid Female
Free Ground bonus:
  • +10 Perception
  • +1.5% Expose Chance
  • +1 sec Expose Duration
  • Reduced threat
  • Increased Team Regeneration
Bolian Female
Free Ground bonus:
  • Chance for Toxic DoT against attackers who bite you
  • +10% Maximum Hitpoints
  • +20 Resistance to Toxic damage
Caitian Male
600Zen small icon Ground bonus:
  • 10% chance to Dodge half damage of ranged attacks
  • +75% Jump Height
  • +10 Perception
  • +10% Exploit Damage
Cardassian Starfleet
1000Zen small icon Space bonus: Recalled Tactics

Gain a stack of Recalled Tactics once every 5 seconds during combat

  • +2 Accuracy Rating Per Stack (5 Stacks Max)
  • +2 Defense Rating Per Stack (5 Stacks Max)
  • +2 Weapon Damage Per Stack (5 Stacks Max)

Ground: Bonus Resistance to:

  • Placate
  • Confuse
  • Hold/Stun
Ferengi Male
Free Ground bonus:
  • +10 Perception
  • .25 Flank Damage Reduction
  • +10% Exploit Damage
  • 20% energy credit/gold-pressed latinum store discount
  • +.33 Resistance to Toxic and Radiation
Human Male
Free Space bonus:
  • +30% Subsystem Repair and Hull Regen Rate (+60% out of combat)

Ground bonus:

  • +5% team exploit damage
Klingon Male Fed
600Zen small icon Ground bonus:
  • +15% Physical Damage
  • +5 All Damage Resistance Rating
  • +5% All Energy Damage
  • +15% Critical Severity
  • +10% Threat Generation
Liberated Borg Human Male
Liberated Borg
Space bonus:

Ground bonus:

  • +10% Health Regeneration
  • +6% Shield Regeneration
Pakled Female
Free Ground bonus:
  • +4% Critical Chance
  • -30 Stun resistance
  • -30 Confuse resistance
  • -30 Placate resistance
Rigelian Male
Free Ground bonus & clickable ability:
  • Spirit Walk icon Spirit Walk ability
  • +60 Hit Points
  • +9 Hit Points/sec for 6 sec
  • +100 All Damage Resistance Rating for 6 sec
Saurian Male
Free Ground bonus:
  • +10 Plasma Damage Resistance Rating
  • +40 Toxic Damage Resistance Rating
  • +25 Fire Damage Resistance Rating
  • +10 Perception
  • +5% Exploit Damage
  • +20% Resistance to Flanking Damage
Talaxian Female Fed
Space & Ground bonus:
  • +5% Incoming Healing to Self and Team
  • +5% Skill Points and Expertise to Team
Tellarite Female
Free Ground bonus:
  • +Res (Physical, Kinetic), +Res (Placate, Hold, Knock)
  • 50% chance for +20% All Damage for 20 sec when receiving a critical hit.
  • Click "Stubborn" to free yourself from Confuse and Placate effects.
Trill Female
Free Ground bonus:
  • +33% Radiation Damage Resistance Rating
  • +33% Toxic Damage Resistance Rating
  • 0.1 Health Regeneration
Trill Female
Trill (joined)
600Zen small icon Space bonus:

Ground Bonus:

  • +10% Health regeneration
  • +24.6% Radiation damage resistance
  • +24.6% Toxic damage resistance
Vulcan Female
Free Ground bonus:
  • Bonus resistance to Psionic, Placate, and Confuse
  • 0.15 bonus to Melee damage
  • 15% chance to knock down the target of your melee attacks
Federation Alien Female
Free No species trait, instead Alien captains are given one extra trait slot each for ground and space

Starships[ | ]

See main article: Federation playable starships

There are three main types of playable Starfleet vessel, each with numerous sub-types for different ranks and styles of play, and each of those sub-types with a number of cosmetic variants. The types of vessel are generally biased towards a specific class, but players of any class can captain any type of vessel.

Galaxy class Fed Ship Akira Intrepid Class
Cruiser Escort Science Vessel

Storyline missions[ | ]

The only arc completely exclusive to the 25th Century Starfleet faction is the tutorial arc. Following “Welcome to Earth Spacedock”, TOS Starfleet and DSC Starfleet characters join all 25th Century Starfleet missions for the Klingon War and Romulan arcs. Federation-aligned Dominion characters can also play these missions while Romulan Republic and Klingon Empire characters join from “The Vault” onwards.

Episode Arc - Starfleet Tutorial Tutorial: Graduation Day
The following Episode Arc cannot be replayed.

It is the end of the year for the Class of 2409! While on a training cruise, a distress signal sent from a nearby system will lead you into battle with one of Starfleet's greatest adversaries.

“Graduation Day”“Training Cruise”“Field Promotions”“Communication Breakdown”“Assimilation of the Innocent”
Episode Arc - Klingon War Klingon War
Former allies are now bitter enemies.

The Federation will do anything to protect its borders and the billions of innocents who call this space home, but Starfleet's efforts may not be enough to stop the advance of the Klingon Empire.

“Welcome to Earth Spacedock”“Diplomatic Orders”“Stranded in Space”“Researcher Rescue”“Secret Orders”“The Doomsday Device”“Task Force Operations: Romulan Imperial Minefield”“The Galaxy at Large”
Episode Arc - Romulan Mystery Romulan Mystery
Devastated and broken, the Romulans are united now only by their quest for revenge for a lost world.

Their empress seeks allies and technology from the distant Delta Quadrant, but even that may not be enough to restore her shattered people to their former glory.

“Heading Out”“Empress Sela”“Desperate Measures”“Shadow Play”“Taris”“Task Force Operations: Romulan Mystery”“The Vault”“Mine Enemy”“Frozen”“Coliseum”“Cutting the Cord”“Darkness Before the Dawn”

Military (NPCs)[ | ]

Note[ | ]

  • The faction icon for Starfleet NPCs occasionally lists them as Federation. References to the faction can use Federation and Starfleet interchangeably, although in canon they are distinct organizations.

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