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Disambig icon For its 23rd century counterpart, see Starfleet Academy (23rd Century).
Note that compass points relate to the in-game map, not real-life Marin County

Starfleet Academy is the collective name of Starfleet's training facilities located in San Francisco, Earth. It was officially established in 2161, with the main grounds located in Marin County. To the southwest of the academy is the Golden Gate Bridge (rebuilt after the devastating Breen attack of 2375), whilst to the south across the strait lies Starfleet Headquarters, the Presidio, and downtown San Francisco. The academy motto is Ex Astris, Scientia meaning "from the stars, knowledge."

New players of the Federation start at Starfleet Academy. After the tutorial, the Academy can be accessed from the Sol System or Earth Spacedock and serves as a social map and as a door for Foundry missions. There are mail, bank, exchange, and tailor services. Numerous cadets and professors roam the campus grounds.

Its counterpart on the Klingon side is the Klingon Academy.

Locations[ | ]

Building 1[ | ]

Located to the southeast of the academy grounds and cannot currently be accessed.

Building 2[ | ]

The main building is located to the east, and is home to: the Club 602 (north); Holodeck 1-3 (in the east, where you can access mission logs); and the Office (south).

Club 602[ | ]

Starfleet Academy 602 Club

Club 602

Main Room[ | ]

  • Wanda Yarbo, at the information desk
  • Academy Staff - Bank Services, a Ferengi who can help access personal and fleet bank access bank
  • Academy Staff - Mail Services, a Human who can help access mail
  • Academy Staff - Exchange Services, an Andorian who can help access exchange
  • Academy Staff - Tailor Services, lets you customize clothing
  • Lieutenant Jillian Searfoss - A Personnel Officer who helps you with your bridge officer choices if you skip over the tutorial.
  • Renee B'kir

Office[ | ]

Building 3[ | ]

Located to the south of the academy grounds and cannot currently be accessed.

  • Security Officer

Building 4[ | ]

Located to the southwest of the academy grounds and cannot currently be accessed.

  • Academy Cadet

Unnamed Circular Building[ | ]

An unnamed circular building located to the northwest of the academy grounds became accessible in Season 5.

In the alley to the rear of the building:

Missions, events and accolades[ | ]

Missions[ | ]

Special events[ | ]

Memorial Plaques[ | ]

Starfleet Academy Memorial Plaque

One of the many memorial plaques

See also: Memorials.

Scattered around the Academy grounds are several memorial plaques that refer to prominent events and people, associated with the Academy compound.

The accolade "In The Garden" and player title "Boothby's Favorite" are rewarded for scanning all seven of the plaques. The plaques read:

Memorial Plaque Text Reference
On June 30, 2161, representatives from Earth, Vulcan, Andoria and Tellar met at this site to sign the agreement creating the United Federation of Planets. Founding of the United Federation of Planets in 2161
Starfleet Academy, founded 2161. Ex Astris, Scientia Founding of Starfleet Academy in 2161
The unbeatable scenario -- beaten! The Class of 2258 James T. Kirk beating the Kobayashi Maru Scenario in 2258
Dedicated to George and Gracie by the graduating class of 2286 The humpback whales George and Gracie being released in San Francisco Bay in 2286
For Joshua, from Nova Squadron and the Class of 2368 The accidental death of cadet Joshua Albert in 2368
Dedicated to the 2,147 people killed in the Breen attacks on Francisco on Stardate 52617.49. You will never be forgotten. The victims of the Breen Attack on San Francisco in 2375
BOOTHBY. 2263-2382. "I have great faith in a seed. Convince me that you have a seed in there, and I am prepared to expect wonders." Groundskeeper Boothby who lived from 2263 until 2382
  • In September 2013 an additional memorial was added, the Mark Valentine Memorial, with an ever-burning torch and the notation "To Absent Friends". This refers to Cryptic Studios' Mark Valentine, who died of cancer early that month.

Lore Blogs[ | ]

  • "Discover New Adventures This Fall": In 2256, three days after the Battle of the Binary Stars, Starfleet captain and Academy instructor Anton Schaefer contemplates the nature of the new Federation-Klingon conflict and its effect on his cadets.

Notes[ | ]

Starfleet Academy is the first location on Earth that was made accessible in Star Trek Online. Before that, only locations in Earth orbit could be visited.

A frequent complaint from new visitors to the Academy is of the grayed out Beam Up button near the minimap. Since a wide choice of beam to locations exist, a special Beam Out button is provided, normally at the lower right of the screen. New Visitors may need to move away from any being or object for that button to show up.

The apparent location of the Academy grounds is actually in Marin County, slightly to the north of the City of San Francisco, on the opposite side of the Golden Gate Strait. (Marin County and the City of San Francisco occupy the two peninsulas which separate San Francisco Bay from the Pacific Ocean, and which are linked by the Golden Gate Bridge.) This explains why the city is visible at the far (southern) end of the Golden Gate Bridge in-game. (That the visible, farther end of the Bridge is the south end can also be recognized by the mass on the shoreline slightly below and to the left of the Bridge, which is probably Fort Point.) However, the compass points given earlier in this article, as well as the orientation of the in-game map, are not consistent with this fact.

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Academy NPCs[ | ]

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References[ | ]

  1. This is the only instance that Klingon Empire players (and aligned Romulan Republic players) can visit Starfleet Academy. However, as the memorial plaques cannot be read during the mission, the associated accolade remains limited to Federation players.
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