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Faction DSC.png Starfleet Academy (23rd Century)

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Sol System
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The Main Room
Administration Building
Schafer's Office
Disambig icon.png For its 25th century counterpart, see Starfleet Academy.
Note that compass points relate to the in-game map, not real-life Marin County

Starfleet Academy is the collective name of Starfleet's training facilities located in San Francisco, Earth. It was officially established in 2161, with the main grounds located in Marin County. To the southwest of the academy is the Golden Gate Bridge, whilst to the south across the strait lies Starfleet Headquarters, the Presidio, and downtown San Francisco. The Academy motto is Ex Astris, Scientia meaning "from the stars, knowledge."

DSC Starfleet characters start at Starfleet Academy. After the tutorial, the Academy can be accessed from the Sol System and serves as a social map until the player leaves 2257 in “Downfall”.

Its counterpart is the 2409-era Starfleet Academy.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Building 1[edit | edit source]

Located to the southeast of the academy grounds and cannot currently be accessed.

Requisitions - Building 2[edit | edit source]

The main building is located to the east, and is home to: the Club 602 (north), the Armory, Holodeck 2, and the Office (south).

  • A memorial plaque dedicated to deceased Star Trek Online developer Mark Valentine.

Club 602[edit | edit source]

Club 602

Main Room[edit | edit source]

After completing “Reporting In”:

Office[edit | edit source]

Off-limits and cannot currently be accessed.

Unavailable Hub Services[edit | edit source]

These services often available at player hubs, are not available at this location:

Building 3[edit | edit source]

Located to the south of the academy grounds and cannot currently be accessed.

Building 4[edit | edit source]

Located to the southwest of the academy grounds and cannot currently be accessed.

Administration - Northwest Circular Building[edit | edit source]

Cadets[edit | edit source]

Seen and referenced cadets during 2256 include;

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • DSC “Gradution Day”: New Federation players begin their career on the Starfleet Academy grounds on the day of their graduation in 2256.
  • DSC “Reporting In”: The player meets with Admiral Kensington following the events of the tutorial.

Other involvement[edit | edit source]

  • "Discover New Adventures This Fall": In 2256, three days after the Battle of the Binary Stars, Starfleet captain and Academy instructor Anton Schaefer contemplates the nature of the new Federation-Klingon conflict and its effect on his cadets.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The apparent location of the Academy grounds is actually in Marin County, slightly to the north of the City of San Francisco, on the opposite side of the Golden Gate Strait. (Marin County and the City of San Francisco occupy the two peninsulas which separate San Francisco Bay from the Pacific Ocean, and which are linked by the Golden Gate Bridge.) This explains why the city is visible at the far (southern) end of the Golden Gate Bridge in-game. (That the visible, farther end of the Bridge is the south end can also be recognized by the mass on the shoreline slightly below and to the left of the Bridge, which is probably Fort Point.) However, the compass points given earlier in this article, as well as the orientation of the in-game map, are not consistent with this fact.

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