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Stealth Operational Armor
Very Rare Body Armor
Character Bind On Pickup
Vice Admiral
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

+5% Increased Exploit Damage
+20% Stealth
+5% Expose Chance
+2 sec Expose Duration
+52.5 Physical Damage Resistance Rating
+52.5 Kinetic Damage Resistance Rating
+35 All Energy Damage Resistance Rating
Value: 13,000 Energy credit icon.png
Stealth Operational Armor icon.png
Very rare icon.png

The Stealth Operational Armor is a type of Body Armor, received as a reward from “The Dragon's Deceit”, that provides average protection, but increases Stealth, Exploit and Expose for the wearer.

In-Game Description[]

Stealth Operational Armor provides improved resistance. It also includes monorefractive filaments that improve the effectiveness of stealth technology.


  • The Stealth Operational Armor's modifiers are randomized, but the armor comes with three.
    • Known possible modifiers include [Ap], [Dis], [HPP], [Pha], [Pla], [Pol] ,[PhaDis], [PlaTet], [PolAp] and [RegHP].
  • The Stealth Operational Armor can only be acquired on the first play-through of “The Dragon's Deceit”, replays reward a selection of a ship weapon, ship equipment, ground weapon or ground armor, making the Stealth Operational Armor a unique item.
  • Armour is bugged for Engineering class "Cannot Wear". (Has been reported)