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Romulan Sublieutenant Medic

Sublieutenant Medics are specialized medical officers of the Romulan Star Empire military that are equal to Uhlans in rank and strength. Sublieutenants can be compared to the H'ren Medics of the Breen and to Starfleet's Ensign Medic. Sublieutenants wear the same uniforms as Uhlans and can be both male and female Romulans.



  • Medical Tricorder icon (Klingon).png Medical Tricorder
  • No icon.png Cold Hold Resist
  • No icon.png Energy Hold Resist
  • No icon.png Hold Resist
  • No icon.png Push Back Resistance
  • No icon.png Strong Hold Resist


Level Standard Difficulty Advanced Difficulty Elite Difficulty
Shields Health Shields Health Shields Health
22 -1 284
24 -1 300
26 -1 316
27 -1 324
28 -1 333
30 -1 349

Missions encountered[]

Sublieutenant Medics are part of Romulan ground forces in many episodes of the Romulan Front:

Cloaked Intentions[]

  • “Mine Enemy”: Medics can be found in the secret underground Tal Shiar listening post.
  • “Cutting the Cord”: Reman forces battle the Tal Shiar in the Brea System. To date, this mission marks the only appearance of a Reman Sublieutenant Medic, who is part of the Reman resistance.

Missions formerly encountered[]


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