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The NGC-863 subspace anomaly leading into subspace

Elachi Outpost 001 located in subspace

Subspace is the medium through which faster-than-light travel and communication is possible, and an integral part of the space-time continuum that co-exists alongside normal space, while being distinct from it. Subspace contains an infinite number of domains, such as the mycelial network and underspace, and has been compared to a honeycomb with an infinite number of cells. Subspace is home to the Solanae encountered by the U.S.S. Enterprise-D and the Elachi.


  • Prior to the 15th Century, the Vaadwaur controlled a network of subspace tunnels known as the Underspace. Upon their defeat, control of the Underspace fell to the Turei.
  • In the late 23rd Century, the Federation discovered the Omega Particle which is capable of destroying subspace for vast areas, making it impossible to use warp drive; the technology is subsequently banned and classified.
  • Sometime in the 23rd Century or 24th Century, the Second Khitomer Accords banned the use of Isolytic subspace weapons, which caused a tear in subspace. The Son'a however, flout this ban.
  • In 2369, the Solanae secretly abducted numerous crew members from the Enterprise-D and performed experiments on them. They attempted to create a pocket of their native domain by causing an expanding spatial rupture that threatened the ship. The rupture is eventually sealed with a graviton pulse.
  • In 2409, the Elachi stage their offensive against the Romulan Republic from a subspace cell. Later the same year, the Solanae-controlled region of subspace is revisited where information found in Storage Facility Z98 confirms that the Solanae are servants of the Iconians.
  • In 2410, Outpost 001 is discovered in subspace and is home to a number of Elachi and Solanae working to advance the goals of the Iconians.


The Solanae have resided in subspace for thousands of years as their molecular structure was modified to be comprised of solanogen, a material that can only exist in subspace, following a large scale accident which exposed them to massive amounts of tetryonic energy.

The Elachi are another race active in subspace that serves the Iconians. Prior to becoming Iconian servitors, they originated in the mycelial network, a domain of subspace. Since leaving, the Elachi operate bases in other domains of subspace including Station Alpha and Subspace Base 002. The Elachi use it as a staging ground for their invasion of the Romulan Republic.

Other beings originating in the mycelial network in subspace include the jahSepp and Tardigrades.

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