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Subsystem Targeting icon (Federation).png

Subsystem Targeting is a set of 4 space abilities that can be either found at Rank I as a set of all 4 built-in on all Science Vessels, Science Dreadnoughts, and on some Carriers, or at Ranks I-III individually as Tactical Space Bridge officer abilities.

These abilities upgrade attacks from starship energy weapons. After activating a subsystem targeting ability, the user will gain a 10 second buff during which attacking an enemy ship with any form of energy weapon will cause a stacking power to that subsystem, and will have a small chance of completely taking the system offline. If the system is taken offline it renders all abilities that use that subsystem temporarily inert. For example, if you target the shields and subsequently take them offline, then all of the target's shield facings will go down. Energy weapons include Beam Arrays, Dual Beam Banks, and Cannons (including Dual Cannons, Dual Heavy Cannons and Turrets), and excludes Projectile Weapons, such as Torpedo Launchers and Mine Launchers.

These abilities do not automatically rank up when acquiring higher tier starships, and in fact currently the built-in starship versions are always found at Rank I. Separate higher versions of these abilities at Ranks I-III can be gained through Tactical Space Bridge officer abilities, in which case they could be used as duplicates together with each other, or with ship built-in abilities subject to an applicable duplicate ability cooldown.


There is one ability for each subsystem:

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Carrier, Dreadnought Carrier commands
Cruiser Cruiser commands
Raider, Scout Ship Raider Flanking
Science-based starship Sensor AnalysisSubsystem Targeting
Romulan Warbird Singularity Core abilities
Jem'Hadar Vanguard ship Vanguard Wingmen
Intel starship Gather IntelligenceWarp Signature Masking
Command starship Inspiration
Pilot starship Pilot Maneuvers
Temporal starship Molecular Reconstruction
Miracle Worker starship Innovation Effects
Specific starships Cloaking: CloakCloak of T'KuvmaBattle CloakEnhanced Battle CloakDark Mode
Romulan CloakRomulan Battle CloakRomulan Enhanced Battle CloakScimitar Battle Cloak
Agony Phaser Spinal LancePhaser Spinal LanceJavelinPlasma Spinal LanceChroniton LanceGravitic LanceJuggernaut Array
Improved Hull RegenerationLong Range Sensor MaskingEnergy DistributorAutomated Defense Screens
Tactical ModeSiege ModeLaunch Support CraftTranswarpDeploy Consumption ArrayDeploy Swarm

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