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You might also be looking for the mission “S'harien's Swords”.

The Sword of the Raptor Star being studied on New Romulus.

The Sword of the Raptor Star is an ancient sword made by the Vulcan S'harien in the 4th century during "The Sundering", also called the Time of Awakening. "Those Who March Beneath The Raptor's Wings", who would later form the Romulan Star Empire, took the sword with them when they left Vulcan. It had since been lost.

During the Sundering, several artisan weaponsmiths lived on Vulcan and made great weapons. Legends also say that during this time, a sword originally created by S'harien was lost on Dimorus II during a battle between two noble houses. The winners of that battle went on to be the first rulers of Romulus.

It is possible, though not proven, that both swords are actually the same.

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  1. When New Romulus was introduced with Season 7, A'dranna says that the sword could only be made by S'task. Since then, likely with the release of Legacy of Romulus, the cutscene has been altered to have her say S'harien. It is possible both weaponsmiths were involved in manufacturing it. According to the TOS novels "The Romulan Way" and "Star Trek: Vulcan's Soul", S'harien manufactured three swords and gave them to S'task, who only took care of them during their exile from Vulcan. The Romulan research outpost S'harien Station is likely named in his honor.

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