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T'Ket is an Iconian who is part of the invasion of the Milky Way during 2410. At the end of the war she rejected the peace that her people had accepted and went rogue, taking loyal forces with her so that she may one day take her vengeance.

Missions involved[]

  • “Blood of Ancients”: T'Ket enters the ruins outside of the New Romulus Power Station and kills the Romulans there after the area is secure.
  • “House Pegh”: T'Ket is in the Dinasia Facility when House Pegh begins their infiltration. Kahless attempts to kill T'Ket, but ultimately fails. He does however injure T'Ket by cutting off her left arm.
  • “Time in a Bottle”: M'Tara, T'Ket, L'Miren, and nine other Iconians congregate in the Kyana System to discuss the Alliance's unexpected resilience. In a rage, T'Ket proposes to lay waste to the galaxy, an idea which L'Miren rejects.
  • “Broken Circle”: T'Ket, alongside L'Miren, is summoned by M'Tara as she dies, and is asked to avenge her death.
  • “Midnight”: T'Ket assists the player in evacuating Ancient Iconia. As the assembled Iconians are about to escape through a gateway, Sela opens fire on them and injures L'Miren. Enraged, T'Ket swears revenge on Sela, promising to destroy her people. Upon the player's return to the present, she refuses to accept the peace, overcome by her desire for vengeance.
  • “The Temporal Front” (mentioned): Captain Kagran and KDF (or allied-Romulan) players discuss the possible threat T'Ket continues to pose to the Alliance.
  • “Quark's Lucky Seven”: A Ferengi plot to retrieve the Sword of Kahless leads them to plotting a heist aboard T'Ket's flagship.
  • “The Measure of Morality (Part 2)”: The player, along with Seven of Nine, is sent to a simulacrum of ancient Iconia when the world was attacked and aids the ancient versions of T'Ket and L'Miren in reaching the Iconian gateway to escape, only to be confronted by T'Ket's modern-day simulacrum. The ancient T'Ket refuses to join her doppelganger and aids the player in fighting her. When the modern T'Ket simulacrum is on the verge of defeat, she is assimilated by the Excalbian Borg. The player then pursues and engages the assimilated T'Ket in a Borg compound.

Other involvement[]

  • In Tales of the War #9, set shortly after “House Pegh”, T'Ket confers with a fellow Iconian, L'Miren. T'Ket is furious with L'Miren's interest in "mortals," and advocates destroying them all. L'Miren responds by saying there is no point in ruling a galaxy of ghosts. L'Miren suggests trying to guide the lesser races of the galaxy, and mentions that the Whole must be as One, including a being referred to as "the Other."



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