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Undine Infiltrator
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Facility 4028

"T'Vix" (Inmate 98639) is an Undine Infiltrator and Class I prisoner of Facility 4028 whose sentence is pending. This agent posed as Starfleet Captain T'Vix of the U.S.S. Cochrane until 2396, when she and two other infiltrators were apprehended and imprisoned at Facility 4028.


Level Standard Difficulty Advanced Difficulty Elite Difficulty
Shields Health Shields Health Shields Health
49 -1 4,197 - - - -
50 -1 4,274 - - - -


  • Captain T'Vix of the Cochrane and two of her officers are removed from duty on stardate 73967.3 (December 20, 2396). Starfleet Intelligence sealed all records of the incident.
  • In fact, Ensign Farquar unmasked the three infiltrators (including Commander Donovan and Security Chief Patel during a routine patrol mission along the Romulan Neutral Zone at Draken. (The Path to 2409)
  • SI agent Franklin Drake interviewed the crew of the Cochrane and presumably purged all records in the database.
  • T'Vix was remanded to Facility 4028 for detention and debriefing.
  • Her cell is located in Isolation Zone B, next to Amar Singh and Karak and requires Isolation Ward protocols. Access to technology is restriced but Starfleet Intelligence has full access. Any times T'Vix is out of cell she must be accompanied by a Rapid Response Team.
  • A private record by Crewman Bradley S. Cowper from stardate 73986.8 was included in a novel from Jake Sisko in 2423. ("The Needs of the Many")

Missions involved[]

  • “Facility 4028”: "T'Vix" is released after the facility's security systems fail. The player must recapture or kill her before she makes her escape.


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