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Borg Tactical Cube
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The Borg Tactical Cube is one of the most powerful ships of the Borg Collective, outgunned only to the Unimatrix 0047 Command Ship and Borg Queen's Octahedron. They are heavily armed dreadnoughts with many capabilities including tractor beams, subsystem targeting and sensor jamming. They usually travel alone, but sometimes are accompanied by other Borg elements as well. They are also larger and more heavily armored than most standard Borg Cubes.

Armament [1][]



Secret Command Codes icon.png
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Level Standard Difficulty Advanced Difficulty Elite Difficulty
45 274852

Vessels of the class[]

Image Class Named Vessels
Borg Tactical Cube.png Tactical Cube Siege Cube 1 of 5
Siege Cube 2 of 5
Siege Cube 3 of 5
Siege Cube 4 of 5
Siege Cube 5 of 5

Missions involved[]


  1. Borg weapons have a firing arc of 360°.
  2. The Borg version of Boarding Party used transporters rather than shuttles.

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