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The Tailor UI

A tailor shop on ESD

NPC Overhead Icon - Tailor (Active) (Federation).pngNPC Overhead Icon - Tailor (Active) (Klingon).pngNPC Overhead Icon - Tailor (Active) (Romulan).pngNPC Overhead Icon - Tailor (Active) (TOS Federation).png Tailors are NPCs where you can change the appearance complete and uniform of your character and their bridge officers without charge. They can be found in most major hubs throughout the game.

Away from tailors, you can switch between your available outfits by right-clicking your character's portrait and selecting Change Outfit at any time. If you (temporarily) join a fleet, you get at third outfit slot. You can buy two additional outfit slots at a time for every character on your account for 250 Zen ($2.50 or 122,000 dilithium assuming 488 dilithium per Zen).

There is currently a bug where bridge crew members will be duplicated on the login screen unless, at the tailor, you give each bridge crew officer's outfit a unique name within the Tailor interface. The name will revert to an auto-generated one the next time you click Save Outfit and then Purchase, so you will have to re-type the name each time you do that.

Character files[]

For PC users, when you save an outfit, it appears in a location such as C:\Program Files (x86)\Arc\Star Trek Online\Star Trek Online_en\Star Trek Online\Live\screenshots as a single .jpg file with all necessary information embedded. Therefore, there are websites where you can download costumes and upload your own costumes, such as STO Academy. The default file names are auto-generated, as in Costume_accountname#0000_charactername_Headshotstyle_Default_01_676746666. PC users may find it will help in the long run to rename important files as they create them and back them up to a separate location in case they uninstall the game. The file names must begin with "Costume_" in order to appear in the menu. You can view the file name for a saved outfit in-game by hovering your cursor over its icon.

When you alter your character's appearance or outfit, sometimes a new file may not be saved to your hard drive, or the .jpg may looks the same as the old file despite the data having been saved correctly. This bug only impacts the ability to browse through character data in personal file systems, not in-game. For changes on the Head tab, sometimes making a minor change on the Uniform tab, saving, deleting the new save file, then changing it back will force the appearance of the new file to change. If that doesn't work, wait and come back later. Coming back after a patch may help.

STO Academy has a character editor tool which allows you to re-use a design you've created on a character belonging to one faction -- Federation, KDF, Romulan Republic (unaligned), Romulan Republic (Federation), or Romulan Republic (KDF) -- on characters belonging to other factions. It also allows you to transfer a character of a specific human-like species, such as a Vulcan, Klingon, or Andorian, to an Alien character, and it does this perfectly. It also allows you to transfer appearance between human-like species. For example, if you've worked hard to make a human or Romulan that looks like you, you can transfer it to a species such as a Vulcan or Klingon. The tool only fails for species such as Ferengi, Tellarites, and Letheans. However, it will create the closest fascimile possible. There are also species which have species-specific clothes, such as Orions, which will not transfer to Aliens. When the character editor works, it allows you to change the species of a bridge officer later, as far as appearance, while keeping all the bridge officer's taught abilities. Conversely, it allows you to start with a bridge officer of a specific species when you might otherwise have started with an Alien, so you can have the benefits of restrictions which help ensure your design will be true to "canon".

List of tailors[]

This list may be incomplete. You can help by expanding it.
Tailor Location Availability
Academy Staff Starfleet Academy Starfleet only
Academy Staff Starfleet Academy (23rd Century) DSC Starfleet only
Becka Drozana Station
Customize Clothing New Romulus Command Romulan Republic only
Lieutenant Deletham Romulan Flotilla Romulan Republic only
Ghemik Telur Earth Spacedock Starfleet only
Jil Kellet Deep Space K-7 Starfleet only
Kobali Defense Outfitter Kobali Prime
Lyss Ganalda Space Station
Mo'Neke Deep Space 9
Risian Outfitter Risa
Taluk First City KDF only
Tailor Captain's Table
Tailor Deep Space K-13 Requires unlock
Tailor Delta Quadrant Command
Tailor Dyson Sphere Joint Command
Tailor Earth Spacedock (23rd Century) TOS Starfleet only
Tailor Fleet Colony World Requires unlock
Tailor Fleet Dilithium Mine Requires unlock
Tailor Fleet Embassy Requires unlock
Tailor Fleet Research Lab Requires unlock
Tailor Fleet Spire Requires unlock
Tailor Fleet Starbase Requires unlock
Tailor Klingon Academy KDF only
Tailor Q's Winter Wonderland Seasonal only


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Uniforms and Outfits      
Federation and Terran styles
2160s (ENT) 2250s (DSC) 2260s (TOS) 2270-2299 (TMP)
Starfleet Enterprise (22nd Century) Uniform
Enterprise M.A.C.O. Uniform
Discovery Uniform
Disco Shirt
EV Suit
Nanofiber Insulated Jacket
Red Angel
Section 31 Badge
Tactical Vest
23rd Century Starfleet Uniform
23rd Century Command Tunic
23rd Century Dress Uniform
23rd Century Jumpsuit
23rd Century Medical Uniform
23rd Century Torn Uniforms
Kilt Uniform
The Motion Picture Uniform
The Wrath of Khan Uniform
The Wrath of Khan Captain's Vest
The Wrath of Khan Engineer's Vest
The Wrath of Khan Excursion Jacket
T'Pol Uniform
Xindi-Primate Suit
Xindi Reptilian Outfit
Xindi-Reptilian Soldier Uniform
Mudd's Outfit 23rd Century Andorian Outfit
23rd Century Tellarite Uniform
23rd Century Vulcan Ambassador Outfit
Exo III Outfit
Ithenite Outfit
The Emancipator
Zambean Outfit
Khan's Outfit
Enterprise Mirror Uniforms 2160 Terran Empire Uniform Set
Terran Guerrilla Armor and Jacket
23rd Century Mirror Universe Uniforms
Kelvin Timeline Admiral Uniform
Kelvin Timeline Federation Uniform
Survival Suit
2360-2379 (TNG) 2380-2408 (PIC/LDS) 2409-2411 (STO) Future / Other
Starfleet The Next Generation Season One Uniform
The Next Generation Series Uniform
Deep Space Nine Uniform
The Next Generation Film Uniform
Counselor Troi Uniform
Deep Space Nine Admiral Uniform
Diplomat Uniform
Racing Uniform
Section 31 Uniform
Skant Uniform
Starfleet 2380 Uniform
Starfleet 2399 Uniform
Odyssey Uniform
Odyssey Dress Uniform
Odyssey Excursion Uniform
Odyssey Long Jacket
Antares Uniform
Jupiter Uniform (Vet Jacket)
M.A.C.O Uniform
Sierra Uniform
Starfleet Academy Uniform
Vice Admiral Coat
Open Jacket Uniforms
Starfleet 3189 Uniform
Temporal Jumpsuit
Wells Uniform
Bajoran Militia Uniform
Baseball Uniform
Medal of Tanagra
Privateer Outfit
Seven of Nine Outfit
"Temba, his arms wide"
Civilian 2399
Chu Chu Shirt
Elegant Jacket 21st Century Formal Wear
First Contact Day badges
Wen's Raider Helmet
Yesterday's Enterprise Outfit All Good Things Uniform Coalition Repulsor Armor Outfit
Kuumaarke Visionary
Terran Empire Jupiter Outfit (Leeta's Variants)
Terran Empire Odyssey Outfit
The Inquisitor's Uniform
Klingon styles
Bortasqu' Uniform Other Uniforms and Armors Alternate times/realities Accessories
Bortasqu' Warrior Uniform
Bortasqu' Ceremonial Uniform
Bortasqu' Guardian Uniform
Bortasqu' Long Coat & Sash
Bortasqu' Operative Uniform
Battle Armor Uniform
Boreth Monk Robes
Ceremonial Armor
Honor Guard
Klingon 2409
Klingon Academy Uniform
Scarlet Uniform
Stealth Uniform
Classic Tunic Uniform
Kelvin Timeline Klingon Regalia
Kor Uniform
Korath Uniform
Mo'Kai Uniform
T'Kuvma's Uniform
Mirror Klingon Bortasqu' Outfit
Klingon Lifetime combadge
Klingon Veteran Accesories
Warrior's Sash
Warrior's Skirt
Warrior's Decorated Skirt
Romulan and Reman styles
Romulan (Republic) Romulan (Empire/Free State) Reman Civilian
Romulan Republic Uniform 1
Romulan Republic Uniform 2
Republic Dress Uniform
Romulan Admiral Uniforms
Romulan Federation Uniform
Romulan Klingon Uniform
23rd Century Romulan Uniform
Romulan Helmet - Dvex
TNG Romulan Uniform
Tal Shiar Uniform
Zhat Vash Outfit
Reman Klingon Uniform
Reman Federation Uniform
Reman Nemesis Uniform
Reman Neutral Uniform
Miner Outfit
Engineer Uniform
Formal Outfit
Kelvin Timeline Romulan Miner Wardrobe
Mirror Romulan Outfit
Romulan Senate Robe
Rustic Outfit
Survivor Rugged Outfit
Survivor Warrior Outfit
Other species styles
Gamma Quadrant Delta Quadrant Ferengi Other
Ennis Prisoner Outfit
Hunter Armor Costume
Jem'Hadar Armor Outfit
Jem'Hadar Tactical Uniform
Jem'Hadar Uniform
Jem'Hadar Veteran Uniform
Nol-Ennis Prisoner Outfit
Borg Exoskeletal Frame
Hirogen Enhanced Battle Armor
Kobali Soldier Outfit
Krenim Outfit
Talaxian Clothing
Talaxian Uniform
Tsunkatse Gloves
Vaadwaur Officer Uniform
Voth Light Soldier Outfit
Backed Earrings
Dangling Earrings
Emerald Chain Security Gear Uniform
Ferengi Entrepreneur's Jacket
Ferengi Entrepreneur's Open Jacket for Females
Ferengi Entrepreneur's Skirt
Ferengi Merchant's Jacket
Ferengi Merchant's Open Jacket for Females
Ferengi Merchant's Skirt
Intertwined Earrings
Replica Grand Nagus Outfit
Tycoon Tailed Suit
Breen Adaptation Suit
Dranuur Colony Worker Outfit
Herald Tactical Armor
Herald Thrall Outfit
Iconian Vest Outfit
Lukari Armor
Na'kuhl Operative Uniform
Son'a Outfit
Sphere Builder Outfit
Tholian Silk Robe
Tholian Silk Scarf
Tzenkethi Retrofit Armor
Undine Biotech Battle Armor
Voth Armor
Non-faction/species styles
Seasonal Alliance Uniforms and Armor Other
Aloha Shirt
Baseball Uniform
Board Shorts
Criss-Cross Halter
One Piece
One Shoulder
Rash Guard
Risian Beachcomber Outfit
Risian Explorer Outfit
Risian Flower Accents
Risian Sunglasses - Octagon
Risian Sunglasses - Shield
Risian Sunglasses - Small Round
Risian Sunglasses - Visor
Sling Halter
Sons of None Shirt
String Bikini
Tie Waist
Winter Enviro Jacket
Winter Hat - Knitted
Winter Jacket
Winter Scarves
Winter Snow Outfit
Winter Sweater
Alliance Khitomer Crew Uniform
Burnham's EV Suit & Mind Meld Device
Counter Command Exo Armor
Delta Alliance Armor
Duelist Armor
Dyson Sphere Uniform
Gamma Armor
Honor Guard
Iconian Resistance Suit
Intelligence Uniform
Lukari Armor
M.A.C.O Uniform
Omega Force
Temporal Battlesuit
Terran Task Force Armor
Voth Armor
Club Wear
Foundry Pin
Mercenary Outfit
Pink Ribbon Badge
Boot Ankle
Boot Combat
Boot Leather Padded
Boot Padded
Boot Soft
Capris - Basic
Loose - Basic
Robe Basic
Robe Vertical Panel
Robe Wraparound
Shirt Simple
Standard Grey Tanktop
Tight - Basic
Tight - Reinforced
Tight - Stippled
Tucked - Panels and Pockets
Tucked Low - Panels and Pockets
V-neck Wraparound
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