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Romulan Star EmpireTal'aura
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Praetor Tal'aura was the self-proclaimed head of state of the Romulan Star Empire and ruled in that capacity until her death in 2384.

Personal history[edit | edit source]

  • In 2379, then-Senator Tal'aura is allied with Praetor Shinzon and Commanders Donatra and Suran. When Shinzon dies at the Battle in the Bassen Rift, Tal'aura assumes the leadership of the empire.
  • She often clashes with Donatra, leader of the military.
  • When the Remans demand self-sufficiency, Tal'aura cuts shipments to Remus. (2379-2380)
  • In 2381, the military, led by Donatra, rises up against Tal'aura's rule. The military takes control of several worlds, which secede and form the Imperial Romulan State.
  • The following year, the Praetor reforms the Romulan Senate, bringing herself into conflict with the noble houses.
  • Fleet Commander Tomalak, Tal'aura's proconsul, is charged by the Praetor to retake Donatra's worlds.
  • Tal'aura argues that the food rationing on Romulus is a necessary part of the military's campaign against the Imperial Romulan State. (2383)
  • Her powers are expanded (to include the ability to grant and remove noble titles) by the Romulan Senate.
  • Tal'aura's forces, led by Fleet Commander Tomalak, suffer a defeat against Donatra's troops at Xanitla.
  • The Praetor makes Sela her new proconsul while Tomalak is allowed to retire. (2384)
  • Shortly after Empress Donatra agrees to start negotiations for a peaceful resolution, Tal'aura is found dead in her chambers. Possible culprits may be the noble houses, the Tal Shiar or agents of the Imperial Romulan State. At her funeral, Sela blames the Unification movement and the Remans for her death.
  • In 2385, Sela takes control of Tal'aura's remaining forces.

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