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The Bridges article used to be a stub, and was out-of-date and containing incorrect information. I have revamped it and created accompanying articles, complete with illustrating screen-shots. ShadowDragon8685 20:15, 21 December 2010 (UTC)

New Idea[]

I had an idea last night, we (as I don't have very good graphics on my computer) should take pictures covering all 360 degrees of all the bridges and then submit them to me so I can create a panoramic photo. I will then either:

A)Stitch them together and post them as JPEG images (I have pro software to do so, BUT they will take up quite a bit of STOwiki memory space-waiting on view of admin)

B)Get an online piece of software to stitch them together into an image you can rotate 360 degrees around (will look better than A or B, but will be on a seperate server)

C)I can stitch the photos together like in A but post them on an external picture site like Flikr

We could probally have A and B together or A and C together, which options should I chose? Post your ideas on this page --Cyrano.Jones 09:41, 15 February 2011 (UTC)

If you want to preview the panorama technology visit the Galaxy Bridge page and follow the link in the Order Bridge section. For the best viewing experience make the panorama full screen and click zoom out twice. --Cyrano.Jones 17:38, 15 February 2011 (UTC)
Great idea! The Microsoft Image Composite Editor is free software that can stitch images together to form panoramas. I think this would be a cool supplement, but not replacement, of the pictures already there. I'd also suggest someone who has all the bridges (e.g. at least one cruiser, science vessel, tactical ship, and diplomatic experience, with and all the C-Store ones) do it, or see if this will be available on The Foundry when that comes back next week (I recall them saying C-Store bridges are supposed to be allowed as settings even if the author hasn't bought them). I also wanted to point out that there is active discussion by Cryptic about replacing the current bridges to be better to scale rather than the large and empty spaces they are now. The new TOS bridge will be available in March and that is considered the test run for getting smaller bridges to work with the camera angle. --MatthewM 07:26, 16 February 2011 (UTC)
Those bridges are huge. --Drmike 15:22, 16 February 2011 (UTC)
The site we should use is found here it's called Dermandar, it provides free uploading and viewing, it does all the picture combining for you, you don't need an account, it has full screen and it's easy to use.

You start by taking a demorecord of your bridge (you should go into your ready room first and start it from ther so you aren't in the image-as your character will move their head etc. and this will mess up the picture)

In order to take the panorama you'll need Fraps-demo is okay, the upload site will crop out the watermark, to set Fraps up for panorama taking follow these steps: 1) Go to the Screenshots tab 2) Set your desired image format to JPG and set your key bind for video capture 3) On the right of the Screenshots menu there will be a box asking how many seconds you want between screen captures ste the time to 2 seconds and tick the box beside it

Now open you demorecording, move the camera onto your bridge and place it in the middle (close to captain's seat) then look towards the viewscreen and follow these steps: 1)Open the camera path editor 2)Create a path with the look around preset 3)Save your path 4)hide the camera editor and make the plabox transparent 5)Now try to get the path playing 6)Press your screenshot capture keybind 7)Once the path has traveled 360 degrees press your screenshot capture keybind again 8)Now open your assigned screenshots folder 9)Delete any duplicates (there should only be a small overlap between each pic)

Now upload your images here, to do so go to the folder you saved in and selected all the images of the bridge (on windows the multiple image select is CTRL and SHIFT). Now let the software do it's work, before you save preview the image make sure there are no faults or wavy lines. Once you are happy, save the file to the site and use the name format: STO [Bridgename] Bridge. Then insert a link on the relevant page on STOwiki (use the link for websites not the embed link)

--Cyrano.Jones 18:06, 16 February 2011 (UTC)

I have Tried Time and time again to change the Interior of my ship but it never sticks anyone else run into this?? DeragonL 04:56, 25 February 2012 (UTC)

Special Ship Bridges[]

It'd be great to get some screenshots of the bridges on the ships like the Jem'Hadar Attack Ship, Cardassian Galor Class Cruiser, Ferengi D'Kora, Tholian ships (do they all share the same bridge?), and Tuffli freighter. I only have one of said ships but if anyone else would like to start that up, please do!

Additionally, there's special Odyssey and Bortasqu bridges.--MatthewM 13:51, 27 August 2012 (UTC)

Help Wanted[]

I'm going to start to update the Bridges, but any help or screenshots of bridges are welcome! This will probably take a LOT of concentrated effort. I've added a table to add to, so things are more organised.--Impulsefibre731 (talk) 19:13, 13 November 2019 (UTC)


Most interiors are just bridges now. I suggest this be folded in (with collapsable tables) to a revamped interior article or this be rename "list of ship interiors".Scientifictheory (talk) 18:43, 19 January 2020 (UTC)