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The Tardigrade, caught in a firefight, taking down Klingon boarders

A Tardigrade is a sentient, multi-dimensional creature whose unique genetic makeup allows it to navigate the Mycelial network by incorporating Prototaxites stellaviatori DNA in its genome through horizontal gene transfer. While it only fights in defense, its strength and resilience is formidable.

Its exact origins are unclear, but it came aboard the U.S.S. Glenn due to their stored supply of Prototaxites stellaviatori. After the loss of the ship, it was taken aboard the U.S.S. Discovery before being released.

The term Tardigrade is an informal one, as it shares characteristics with the Tardigrade of Earth. It was also given the name "Ripper" by Commander Ellen Landry. It was referred to as "the specimen" by Justin Straal.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • ALL “Secrets”: During a firefight in the Glenn's Engineering Lab, the Tardigrade breaks loose and attacks several Klingons. It is later beamed to containment when it attacks the player.
  • ALL “Beneath the Skin”: The player must lure a Tardigrade into eating the overgrowth that is covering several probes, in order to safely disarm them.
  • ALL “Mycelial Realm”: TFO variant of the corresponding task from "Beneath the Skin".

Other involvement[edit | edit source]

  • A [Combat Trained Tardigrade] ground pet is available from the Zen Store for 400 Zen small icon.png. By default, the Tardigrade will guard you. Select an ally and then summon the tardigrade to have it guard your ally. The Combat-Trained Tardigrade is able to perform devastating slashes, and it can tackle an enemy, disabling it and tossing all other nearby enemies away. The Combat-Trained Tardigrade remains with you until it is out of combat for a short while, until defeated, or after 5 minutes - whichever comes first. Other (Epic quality) variants have been in giveaways on the console versions of Star Trek Online:
  • A [Tardigrade Companion] non-combat ground pet is available from the Age of Discovery Starter Pack. This pet does not have any offensive abilities and will go away if combat starts.
  • [Ground Non-Combat Pet Pack - Tardigrade Adoption Agency Companion] from the Lobi Store provides one of five random non-combat Tardigrade pets for 30 Lobi Crystal icon.png. They are smaller, uniquely themed Tardigrades tied to a Tardigrade Adoption Agency promotional event prior to the release of Mirror of Discovery.
  • Certain giveaways have also included the title "Tardigrade Wrangler".

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