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Tarsev is a former-Romulan Elachi who is aware of his former life and assists the Alliance against the other Elachi. His ship is the F.E.V. Liberator. Following the end of the Klingon Civil War in 2411, he serves as the Liberated Elachi's ambassador to the Khitomer Alliance.

Missions involved[]

  • ALL “Beneath the Skin”: Tarsev encounters the player in the Mycelial network and aids their return and the closure of the rift.
  • ALL “The Centre Cannot Hold”: Tarsev aids the closing of a Mycelial rift.
  • ALL “Trouble over Terrh”: Tarsev aids the closing of a Mycelial rift.
  • ALL “Warriors of the Empire”: The player and J'Ula enter a massive mycelial rift in the Qu'Vat System during their travels recruiting warriors for the final battle of Qo'noS. The two of them send a signal using one of the devices and Tarsev managed to receive it. After shutting down the Mo'Kai technology corrupting the Elachi, Tarsev promises to help in the battle and to stop the misuse of mycelial weapons.
  • ALL “A Day Long Remembered”: The player and their allies engage J'mpok's flagship and his fleet in orbit of Qo'noS. The player's ship is targeted by the Kri'stak, but they swiftly move to the K't'inga's position, allowing the mycelial weapon to hit her instead. This allowed Tarsev's Liberated Elachi forces to enter the battlefield via a mycelial rift as promised, leaving the two ships unscathed. Two weeks following the fall of J'mpok, Tarsev is present during the celebration event and while many of his people have returned into the network to assume their previous lives, he has been requested to serve in the Alliance as an ambassador of the Liberated Elachi instead.

Other involvement[]

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