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TOS StarfleetTarsi
Military Rank:
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Tutorial Starship
Information giver
Bridge officer

Ensign Tarsi is an Andorian Federation Tactical officer serving aboard the Tutorial Starship in 2270.

Missions involved[]

  • FED23 “I Sing of Arms”: Ensign Tarsi escorts the player to the Armory to retrieve a phaser.
  • FED23 “Search and Rescue”: Ensign Tarsi is a member of the player's away team on Taurus II. When the landing party splits up, she accompanies the player and Crewman Flores.
  • FED23 “Bull by the Horns”: Tarsi and the player continue their mission on Taurus II. She helps the player train the stranded research team to use rifles. She and the player rescue Ensign Mears' captured away team from the Taureans. When the group is attacked by Klingons, she is able to decrypt a dropped PADD containing a message for Captain Kor.
  • FED23 “Dislodging Klingons”: Tarsi joins the player and Mears in their efforts to repel a Klingon boarding party. At the end of the mission, she is awarded to the player as a Bridge officer.
  • FED23 “In the Shadow of Cestus”: During the player's flight to Edren IV, Tarsi welcomes aboard Ensign Hunter.





Tarsi's unfinished design

  • Tarsi originally had the same traits as Elisa Flores, including Leadership and Superior Teamwork. These were changed to ones appropriate for an Andorian in the July 21, 2016 patch.
  • Despite being tactical gold, she refers to herself as tactical red in her conversation with Ensign Hunter, saying "We redshirts have to stick together". This is a holdover from her in-progress design, seen right, where she wears a red uniform, has green hair, and was still wearing an anachronistic combadge prior to her design being finalized for the release of Agents of Yesterday. The erroneous voice line about being a redshirt was later removed.
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