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Tellarite Male.jpg
A male Tellarite Starfleet officer

Playable Species
Alpha Quadrant
Planet of Origin:
Tellar Prime
Federation member
Fed (TOS & 25th century)
Unique Traits:
Pig-Headed icon.png

Tellarites are short humanoids from the planet Tellar. They have stubby noses and a very argumentative personality. They were one of the founding races of the United Federation of Planets, along with Humans, Andorians, and Vulcans.

Tellarites are a player race in Star Trek Online for the Starfleet and TOS Starfleet factions. The race is unlocked for all players starting with Season 5.

Physical features[]

A TOS-style Tellarite male

Tellarites are a stout porcine species with a distinguished snout. Sometimes they have hoof-like hands and feet. Their skin is pinkish-brown and coarse, and normally heavily covered with hair, so males tend to be bearded. Tellarites have a higher average body temperature relative to humans. They also have a greater perception of distance, dimension, and depth.

TOS style[]

Tellarites are one of the four available races for the TOS Starfleet and, in keeping with the aesthetic of the series, those characters have the TOS head model for Tellarites available. Once a TOS character has completed “The Battle of Caleb IV”, those options become available to standard Federation characters also.


Tellarites possess a stubborn pride and arguing is practically a sport on their homeworld. An argument is initiated by either a series of complaints or an insult. They enjoy mud baths and consider canine to be a delicacy. Among their strengths is a talent for engineering.


A Tellarite female

The Tellarite symbol as a comm badge

  • Species trait: Tellarites are known to be stubborn and prideful, and they have strong emotional responses. Tellarites' pig-headedness gives them resistance to Physical and Kinetic damage, and makes Placate, Hold, and Knockback effects less effective on them. Tellarites' stubbornness also allows them to break free from Confuse and Placate effects with great effort.
    • On Ground: +Res (Physical, Kinetic), +Res (Placate, Hold, Knock)
    • 50% chance for +20% All Damage for 20 sec when receiving a critical hit.
    • On Ground: Click "Stubborn" to free yourself from Confuse and Placate effects.
  • Available


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