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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Ability icons/doc (edit):

This template is used to display a set of ability icons, one for each faction for the given ability, or one icon for specific faction. It takes one or two parameters:

  1. Ability name. Optional. Defaults to the current page name.
  2. Faction. Optional, used only if ability is faction-specific.

Icons must be named using the standard convention of:

  • File:<Ability name> icon (<faction>).png

where Ability name is the in-game name of the ability (which should match the page name) and faction is the player faction. Ie: Federation, Klingon, Romulan, TOS Federation or Dominion. The name must be the same for each icon, differing only in faction.

The template will automatically remove colons (:) from ability names when looking for icons, as these are not permitted in icon file names.

The icons are displayed side by side, left-floated, with a 5-pixel margin on the right and bottom (where it would meet any text).

Example 1

{{Ability icons|Ramming Speed}}

Will produce:

Ramming Speed icon (Federation).png
Line fed.png
Ramming Speed icon (Klingon).png
Line kdf.png
Ramming Speed icon (Romulan).png
Line rom.png
Ramming Speed icon (Federation).png
Line tos.png
Ramming Speed icon (Dominion).png
Line dom.png

Example 2

{{Ability icons|Destabilized Plasma Torpedo|Romulan}}

Will produce:

Destabilized Plasma Torpedo icon (Romulan).png
Line rom.png

Icon-information-22x22.pngFor cross-faction abilities, use {{AbilityiconAoY}} instead.