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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Abilityicon/doc (edit):

This template can be used to create icons for abilities, linking back to the corresponding article.

{{abilityicon|Torpedo High Yield (Photon)|Federation|24px|Torpedo: High Yield}}

creates: Torpedo High Yield icon (Federation).png.


  1. Name of the ability (mandatory). More exactly: This is used to determine the filename of the icon and the article link. If an alternate link is given as last parameter, this is only used for the icon filename. The example demonstrates, how this can come in handy for weapon related abilities, that have different icons for different types of weapons.
  2. Faction (mandatory). This can be Federation, Klingon, or Romulan.
  3. Icon size (optional). If nothing is entered, 49px (100%) size is assumed.
  4. Name of the ability (optional). More exactly, the name of the article without the Ability:_ prefix that the icon should link to. This has to be used, if the icon filename and article name differ, which is the case by abilities that affect weapons as in the example above.


  • The template will automatically remove colons (:) from ability names when looking for icons, as these are not permitted in icon file names.
  • Pages transcluding this template for which the icon cannot be found will be added to Category:Articles with missing icons.

Other examples

A: {{abilityicon|Beam Array Fire at Will (Phaser)|Klingon|24px|Beam Array: Fire at Will}}
B: {{abilityicon|Attack Pattern Beta|Federation|24px}}
C: {{abilityicon|Attack Pattern Omega|Klingon}}

A: Beam Array Fire at Will icon (Klingon).png B: Attack Pattern Beta icon (Federation).png C: Attack Pattern Omega icon (Klingon).png