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Assignment chains
Faction FEDKDF.png [[Assignment chain: {{{name}}}|{{{name}}}]]
The following documentation is transcluded from Template:AssignmentChainsNav/chain/doc (edit):

This is a helper template for Template:AssignmentChainsNav and should not be used anywhere else.


 | name =
 | shortname =
 | faction =
 | list =

All parameters except faction are required.

  • The name parameter is the name of the assignment chain, or the generalized name if the chain has variations.
  • The shortname parameter is a short, normalized form of the name, using letters only (no spaces or punctuation). Each chain must have a unique shortname or it will break the collapsible rows.
  • The faction parameter, if given, must be either Federation, Klingon, Both, Romulan Republic, Dominion, or Cross-Faction. If omitted, the default value is Both.
  • The list parameter is the list of assignments in the chain, in order. Use the {{assignment}} template to easily generate the assignment links.