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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Boffspeciestrait/doc (edit):

This template is used on bridge officer trait pages to invisibly provide information on the availability of that trait for the given species, which Template:Traitpage and Template:Bofftraittablelevels then use. It needs to be used before those two templates, once for each relevant species, and it is best not to include any spaces or line breaks between each usage to avoid inadvertently adding empty space to the top of the page.


  |species name
  |R, P, N, or leave blank (for basic level)
  |R, P, N, or leave blank (for base level)
  |R, P, N, or leave blank (for superior level)


  • R is used when the trait is required for the species, indicating that all bridge officers of this species have this trait.
  • P is used when the trait is possible for the species, but doesn't always appear.
  • N indicates that this level of the trait exists, but doesn't appear on this species.
  • Leave blank if this level of the trait doesn't exist, and the column will be entirely omitted. Don't remove the actual pipe character, though.