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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Costtable/doc (edit):

This template is used to create a cost table for reputation items. Under mandatory Reputation parameter goes the name of the reputation faction items are from. Item names are added under optional parameters: tier1a, tier1b, tier2a, tier2b, tier3a, tier3b, tier4a, tier4b, tier5a, tier5b. All Tier 6 items (From Tier 2 forward) are added under the optional perameters: 'tier6a, tier6b, tier6c, tier6d, tier6e, tier6f, tier6g, tier6h. Cost and DiscountCost parameters are mandatory, while Note parameter is optional.

Use example:

|reputation=Delta Alliance
|tier1a=Console - Universal - Bio-Neural Gel Pack
|tier2a=Neutronic Torpedo Launcher
|tier6e=Advanced Thoron Infused Beam Array
|tier6f=Advanced Thoron Infused Dual Heavy Cannons
* 500 [[Delta Mark]]s {{DeltaMarks}}
* 2 [[Ancient Power Cell]]s
* 15,000 Refined [[Dilithium]] {{dil}}
* 30,000 [[Energy Credit]]s {{EC}}
* 250 [[Delta Mark]]s {{DeltaMarks}}
* 2 [[Ancient Power Cell]]s
* 7,500 Refined [[Dilithium]] {{dil}}
* 15,000 [[Energy Credit]]s {{EC}}
|note=Only one Advanced Thoron energy weapon will count toward a set bonus.

See Delta Alliance Ordnance for template's output.